There are some well-known Christian celebrities. But what are we to make of those in Hollywood who are just now beginning to speak out about their faith?

Hollywood's Christians have been coming out of the woodwork.
Hollywood’s Christians have been coming out of the woodwork
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Professing Christians in Hollywood

Phil Robertson is a Christian in Hollywood.
Phil Robertson is a Christian in Hollywood
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It is fairly well known that Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Tim Tebow, and MC Hammer are Christians. But how many of us knew that Nick Jonas, Jeff Gordon, and Gary Busey are as well? I sure didn’t. And what about Kanye West? Is he for real? I think so. What about Alice Cooper?

An example of a faith-based Hollywood family is the Robertson family of the famous “Duck Dynasty” series and owner of the Duck Commander line of hunting products. In an interview with Fox News, Phil Robertson openly shared his story of salvation. Willie, Jace, and Si Robertson are all also open about their faith and their lives before salvation.

The Robertson family has not always had an easy road in Hollywood. In a recent podcast, Phil Robertson explained how a member of the Duck Dynasty film crew became a Christian because the crewmember noticed that the Robertson’s never swore (in an environment where swearing is prevalent). Another challenge the Robertson’s faced was when Phil was asked to stop using Jesus’ name while closing prayers on the show. Phil continued to use it regardless of the consequences.

Hollywood Christians

Bono has been open about his faith his entire life.
Bono has been open about his faith his entire life
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Recently, the mainstream media has attacked Kanye West for his newfound faith in Christ. He has been accused of having a political agenda, being crazy and unstable, and having a broken marriage. However, when I read reports from Christian media on Kanye West, it sounds like his salvation is genuine. Kanye West has released a gospel album, speaks about his faith through his testimony, and advocates for the right to life.

Justin Bieber was raised in a Christian home. He achieved fame at a young age. With it came a rather wild lifestyle. But now he is married. He and his wife struggled in their marriage initially but have both returned to Christ. It has strengthened their bond. Bieber is now using his live performances and social media platform to spread the message of salvation.

While I generally am not a huge fan of Hollywood or Hollywood stars, I want to share my personal favorite. Bono, the lead singer of the band U2, has been a professing Christian since his teens. Bono grew up in a religious home and found his personal relationship with Christ after the death of his mother. Bono has spent his whole career professing his faith and advocating for human rights.

The Hollywood Spotlight

We need to pray for celebrity Christians.
We need to pray for celebrity Christians
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Today’s Hollywood has become carnal and politicized. It is more difficult every day for Christians in the workforce because of the influence of unnecessary persecution. It is no different in Hollywood. Christians in Hollywood either fall under attack for their faith or allow their faith to fall by the wayside for the sake of their careers.

Then there are those Christian celebrities that left their careers because God called them to another path. Chris Tucker refuses to play any negative media roles any longer. Angus Jones left “Two and A Half Men” to work for World Harvest Outreach Church in Houston. Denise Matthews of the band Vanity 6, left secular music and is now an evangelist.

The spotlight puts a lot of pressure on celebrities. Some of them stick to their faith and openly profess it, and others decide to keep their faith hidden or let it fall away. But God is clear on how He wants people who live for Him should act and not hide their faith.

If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.

Romans 10:9-10 (NLT)

As salvation-based Christians, we need to pray for celebrities by name. We need to pray that their faith may grow and that they may be a witness for Jesus Christ. For those that are dubbed Christian but aren’t, we need to pray for their salvation. I also think we have to do our part in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.