It’s time to inspect your mind to see; What is in there? Where did it come from? Is it the truth? What do you believe about Jesus Christ?

What is truth?
What is truth?
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We live in the postmodern era in which postmodernism is prevalent. We are taught that truth is relative. What is true for me is not true for you. To put it kindly, that will never be true. Truth in its essence is never relative, and not everything is subjective. Just because we can have some valid differences in opinion doesn’t mean every truth is suddenly relative.

The Nature of Truth

Everybody can't be right
Everybody can’t be right.
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To place truth under the same comb as opinions is a logical error. Asking if chocolate or vanilla is best is a subjective question. You are asking, what taste makes you happiest? It is a personal, thus subjective question. However, asking me if Christ exists and if I need to believe in him is not subjective.

The law of gravity applies to all of us. Does the truth of God apply to all of us? We base truth on evidence. As gravity makes you fall, it provides proof of its existence. Many have tried to change history, just to face an irrefutable truth. Jesus lived, and history echoes of who he was. Yes, even secular history.

When Jesus lived on earth, he was amongst many people. His death was public, seen by many. He appeared to many after his resurrection. Jesus’ ministry was public, so we can have evidence of who he was. The truth is there, we just need to learn what it is.

Jesus Existed, Big Deal

What am I supposed to do about it?
What am I supposed to do about it?
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Many theologians have said something in the lines of; Jesus was either God, or he was the most delusional man to ever live. There was no question about his claims to deity. In John 10:8 he says that he and the Father is one. What do you do with that?

Well, you question the evidence. Most of us grew up hearing about Jesus’ miracles, never really considering how great evidence this was. If we believe in a world where only naturalism is true, science rules the world, the laws of nature guides everything, etc. Then there is no explanation for miracles, other than God.

Jesus’ miracles were public knowledge. His reputation preceded him. Everywhere he went, people already knew. Yet the greatest evidence we have that he was God, is the miracle of his own resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:13-19). In a natural world without God, no resurrections would be possible. Jesus proved himself as the author of creation by transcending its laws.

Some have tried to squash the historical evidence of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. The only way around it is to claim that truth is relative. Sadly, this only sears the conscious, it doesn’t change the truth. Jesus lived on earth, claimed to be God, then proved that he was.

Finding the Truth

Searching for the truth
Searching for the truth.
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I highly recommend reading or watching The Case for Christ. We are taken on a journey with a man who set out to prove Christianity false and instead becomes a follower of Christ. To find any value in life, we need to purge our minds of the lie of relative truth. There are ultimate truths in life, we best find it.

Christianity has a unique and rich history. Whenever we do research, it is important to get knowledge from nonprejudiced sources. If you want to know what history said, read the history itself, not the comments about it by atheists. If you want to know what Christians believe, read the Bible, and/or read up on the Gospel, or ask a devout Bible-believing Christian.

But why do we even have to respond to Christ’s existence? Well, because of two things. He said he made us, and he said he is the only door to heaven (eternal life). Some people claim that Christians only believe this because they don’t want to believe in Nietzsche’s nihilism. We believe it because after Jesus said it; he proved it by his resurrection.

A Glimpse Into Who Jesus Is

Jesus carrying his cross.
Jesus carrying his cross.
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Jesus washes us clean from our sin, he is the only one that can. He died on the cross to pay for our sin so we never have to. The Bible tells us that God did not make hell for humanity. The sad truth is that no matter where we are in eternity if we have sinful souls we will burn in God’s presence. God is holy and a consuming fire, it is sin’s very nature to burn before God.

God desired so deeply to save us, that he left his throne to live on earth as a man. He laid his life down to be murdered most gruesomely. Forgave his murderers and rose from the grave to save them. It is a beautiful love story of the creator that would do anything to save humanity. Yet, somehow, many of us reject him.

No one can force you into becoming a Christian. It cannot work that way because of our faith, our relationship with God is a decision. The Bible tells us that God wants everyone to be saved (2 Peter 3:9). He doesn’t want anyone to perish. He made a way to the Father, and he is the way.

We read in Rom 10:13 that whoever calls on Jesus will be saved. It is a promise that will never be broken. Eternity awaits us, we have the choice to accept the only saviour, Christ, or reject him. What will you choose?