Making bad decisions is costly to your life, health, and wealth. Learn these two ways to make better decisions. Be grateful you did and not sorry you didn’t.

Discern right from wrong, truth from lie.
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Today’s biblical reflection is about discerning right from wrong here on Earth. Heaven is perfect. Everyone there knows right from wrong. However, here on Earth, it is a daily struggle for us all. Let’s learn through God’s Word how we can make better decisions.

Should We Learn Right from Wrong

King Solomon judging right from wrong.
William Blake – The Judgment of Solomon

It sounds simple enough; make the right choice and avoid the wrong one. How many of us can effectively do this successfully day after day? Many of us will have a series of successes and failures. Sometimes doing right and other times doing wrong. Solomon was given one wish from God and he chose to know the difference between right and wrong (1KGS 3:9). Would you have made the same request?

God’s response to Solomon’s request for the ability to correctly judge right from wrong was met with fine approval. Because God was so impressed with Solomon’s request, He not only gave him the gift of right discernment, but also blessed him with such an immense understanding of right and wrong that no other human would ever come close to matching it (1KGS 3:11).

When you are faced with a tough choice, do you stop to ask God for the ability to judge right from wrong? Do you take time to consult one of the many books on ethics that have been written over the centuries? Do you take the time to think and weigh out each option and determine its ethical value?

Choose to Make Better Decisions

Let's agree to make better decisions regarding what's right and wrong.
Let’s agree to make better decisions regarding what’s right and wrong.
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Let’s make a pact right now. You and me. We will seek God’s help to determine right from wrong when we make decisions. We will pause and pray, even when we feel rushed or hurried.

Let’s also agree to take the time to read God’s Word. Not all knowledge will come to us supernaturally. God took the time to preserve His Word and make it available to us so we can know His precepts (PS 119:129). It is a true gift. Let’s not discard or disrespect God by ignoring it. By studying the Word, we will have knowledge of right and wrong embedded into our minds and it will show through our actions.

I have said, O LORD, that my part is to keep your words.

PS 119:57 (NAB)

Learning God’s standards and seeking God’s help to discern right from wrong will benefit us immeasurably. Our ratio of success and failures will improve. We will grow closer to God and become more Christ-like. This should be our primary focus.

Thy Kingdom Come

Become Christ-like and learn to discern between right and wrong.
Become Christ-like and learn to discern between right and wrong.
John Singleton CopleyThe Ascension

God wants us all to be His children. He called us to follow Him. Our journey begins by learning His ways. We are meant to conform to the image of Jesus. Jesus was His firstborn and we are called to be Jesus’ brothers and sisters (ROM 8:29).

Since we are a part of God’s family, shouldn’t we act accordingly? Of course! We should strive to make better choices for our sake and the sake of those around us. By making better choices here on Earth, we help others see a small glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Heaven is so special that it is worth more than all the treasure on Earth. We should be willing to give everything we own away for the chance to enter (MT 13:46). We should be willing to do anything to be more like Christ, who makes our entrance possible.

We will be justified and be glorified by God (ROM 8:30). We will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is a great reward; a perfect place. We know there will be no evil there because God will order His angels to separate the good from the bad (MT 13:49-50). Those of us who are deemed good will be allowed into Heaven, and the others will be cast into the fire.

Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth; for you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the kingdom.

CF. MT 11:25 (NAB)

We should show God that we truly want to be a part of His perfect Heavenly Kingdom. We can start by trying to do our best to make better decisions while here on Earth. Seek His guidance, study His Word, and make decisions without regard to our selfish desires.  

Can we ever be good? I do not think so. We are not perfect, and we will make mistakes. That is why we continuously ask for God’s forgiveness. However, we can strive to be as good as possible. How proud of us God must be when we make the right choices.