We have to be the voice to inform others about the reality of abortion. We have to be the voice for the voiceless. We don’t need to change minds on the spot, but we have to fight for the unborn.

Inform people about the reality of abortion. Be a voice for the voiceless.
Inform people about the reality of abortion. Be a voice for the voiceless.
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When St. Bernadette was questioned by local and Church authorities about her visions of the Immaculate Conception, she would respond to them with, “My job is to inform, not to convince”. –Aleteia 2017 

How often do we feel the need to convince someone over to our point of view? Whether that is in academic arguments or trying to ‘convert’ someone to the faith, it can be an uphill battle. However, we should not ever think we are the cause for a person’s change of view in the matters of faith and moral, it is but God alone. We can only inform.

In America, there is no greater need to be the voice for the unborn. For Catholics, the teaching to be against abortion has gone back to the Early Church Fathers. 

“Why then do thou abuse the gift of God, and fight with his laws, and follow after what is a curse as if a blessing, and make the chamber of procreation a chamber for murder, and arm the woman that was given for childbearing unto slaughter?” St. John Chrysostom (Homilies on Romans 24 [A.D. 391]).

“Thou shall not slay thy child by causing abortion, nor kill that which is begotten. . . . [I]f it be slain, [it] shall be avenged, as being unjustly destroyed” (Apostolic Constitutions 7:3 [A.D. 400])


Sociologist, Rodney Starks (1997), writes that abortion was a factor in the downfall of paganism, while early Christianity rose due to their stance against it. 

During my college years, a friend and I started a Students for Life Chapter at our school. We were a club of three people but one was always too busy. Thank you God, for SFL Regional Coordinators who assisted us on our mission; to bring the pro-life argument of the debate onto the table.

Lets face it, pro-choice is the dominant rhetoric youth hear all around them. It is unfortunate that identity politics plays a huge role in people’s perceptions. What my friend and I were doing was going against a huge tide. A David vs Goliath situation. When we had more numbers we were able to do more but at first, it was grass root campaigning for the unborn.

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