October 2020 has something very special that witches can use to recharge. A blue moon is a rare, and powerful event. Let’s dive in to the how to!

The full moon is a powerful time for magick
The full moon is a powerful time for magick
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A common phrase in the Southern United States is “once in a blue moon”. The phrase refers to rare occasions. For witches, this is a critical time of growth and energy. A time to fortify spell casting, rejuvenate spirit and strengthen spirit work. So how do we use this time for good in one of the most challenging years we have faced as a human collective?

A Little History

Pagan wheel of the year is an easy reference for seasons
Pagan wheel of the year is an easy reference for seasons
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The Blue Moon was not originally the second full moon in a calendar month. That definition is relatively new. Most modern witches understand the power of two full moons in the same calendar month. The energy is abundant.

The Blue Moon was originally defined as the second full moon in a season. This Blue Moon will fall into both categories. The Autumnal equinox was September 22nd and October 1st will be the first full moon this season. The Harvest Moon in early October was also a powerful time as it marks the first moon of the season.

It is important to note that some Pagans refer to the second full moon in a month as a Black Moon instead. If your coven prefers the term Black Moon, the principles still apply. This is an incredibly important season for witches. Learn your path and follow it as you seek knowledge.

Start With a Cleansing Ritual

A cleaning bath is a great place to start
A cleaning bath is a great place to start
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Before you can set your intentions and maintain clarity it is important to conduct a cleansing ritual. Cleaning yourself is the first step. After this you can cleanse your mind and your spirit. Run a bath to your preferred temperature and use drops of orange essential oil. If you are cleansing directly before another ritual try eucalyptus oil to wake your spirit.

After your bath, take time to care for your space and home. If you practice inside or if you have not taken the time to cleanse your space for Mabon yet, now is the time. Use the weeks before the Blue Moon to ensure that your house, your altar and your crafting spaces are cleansed. Start with a smudging ritual using sage and allow the smoke to cleanse each corner, window sill, threshold and open space of your home. End the smudging by closing the space with an intentional prayer or recitation. Place the sage on your altar as your kill the embers in your tray.

After you cleanse, ensure that you place a line of salt across the thresholds of your doors and window sills to cross out negative energy. This will be a season of focused crafting so allow the universe to help you keep out the bad and seal in the good with salt. This is also a great time to use a cleaning ritual or spell you might have written in the past or charged crystals for in the previous month’s moon cycle.

Actively Set Your Intentions

Try making a list of intentions
Try making a list of intentions
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Before the moon occurs, you must set your intentions. Ensure that your mind is clear, your heart is pure and that you have grounded yourself. Knowing the purpose of your magick is as important as guarding your outcomes. Responsible practice is part of your ethics. If you are a Wiccan, your oath begins with “do what thou wilt and in it harm none”.

Your responsibility as a witch is to ensure your intentions are pure. Spend time before the moon stilling your mind. Use these days to meditate and stabilize. Your path must be clear and your mind must follow your path. Your spirit should be clean. Reconnect with our Earth mother and spend time in nature. Grounding yourself can be as simple as taking a barefoot walk. If your mind and spirit are misaligned, take this opportunity to realign them.

Intent is a key element of successful spell casting. Remember the white path. Your magick must have positive intentions. Your oath is clear about magick working for the good of all kind. Remove negative energy. Remove doubt and give no place to darkness. If you are a coven witch, make sure that your coven discusses hurdles openly and you rely on each other to help cleanse and ready the coven.

Avoid Shadow Dwelling

Leave your negativity behind and do not dwell
Leave your negativity behind and do not dwell
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This blue moon happens to align with the Autumn equinox and spooky season. For witches, this is not a time for pumpkin spice and everything nice. Mabon is a time of deep self-reflection and balancing. To help balance refer to my article on Mabon.

While shadow work is healthy, avoid making this your mind’s home. During the blue moon, your mind must be clear to work for a higher good. Remember that your magick is to give back to the goddess and to put good into the universe.

Journal your shadow work if you are in that mind frame. Use the journal as a way to clear and clarify. Use the pages to remove the toxic thoughts or negative self-reinforcement you might have experienced this year. 2020 has been challenging for witches. If we are to move forward in with positivity and bring peace this year, we have to use this moon in a powerful way.

Supercharge Your Crystals

Two full moons in one month means double the opportunity for crystal work
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Grab the crystals from your box. Clear the crystals from your altar. Gather up the jewelry and other items you have blessed in the past. The blue moon means it is time to go to work charging your crystals!

If you are the type of witch that uses crystals in your spells or makes jewelry with intent, this is a special time. Having a blue moon means you have two great opportunities to charge your rune stones and crystals. Are you thinking of making the leap to crystal work? Now is a great time. Seek crystals that speak to you. Carve your runes into rocks, candles, or other items. If you are not into runes, carve an intention into an item of your preference.

Clear your mind. Ground your spirit. Place the crystals or stones on the window sill. Open the blinds and curtains. Ensure that your items have full access to the moonlight. You can leave them out before the full moon comes and let them begin charging. Charge these items for a month and leave them through the Blue Moon.

Prepare for Your Spell Work

Make sure your items and ingredients are in place before the blue moon
Make sure your items and ingredients are in place before the blue moon
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Gathering items is a great way to reconnect with nature as your work through grounding and prepare spells. Always ask the Earth mother for permission to take items from nature. Make sure to gather items that relate to your spell and relate your spell to the season. For moons in Mabon this can mean anything from the harvest. Ingredients can also be leaves, fell branches and rich barks. The trees give us so much during this season. The ground has been abundant in the summer. It is also important to give back to the harvest by leaving an offering after you collect your ingredients.

A special item to use during this time is an apple. Early in the month, leave an apple beneath a tree in your practice and grounding area to thank the Lord and Lady. Gathering apples for a feast or rituals is a method you might consider as well. If your only option is utilizing apples from the grocery store make sure to wash and remove the impurities and wax coating that stores use to preserve the fruits.

Flowers during this season include mums, pansies, celosia and purple fountain grass. There are several other flowers you can use in many different ways. Speak to a local farmer’s market or grower and collect your flowers locally. Speak to an elder witch or your coven leader if you need direction. If you are a solo practitioner, research the flowers you will need for your spell work before the moon. This will ensure you reinforce your connection to the earth. Your spells will be colorful and bright. Flowers that grow during this time are hearty plants and can bring grounding and balance to your casting.

Candle Making and Light Work

Prepare your candles for custom spells and rituals
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Consider creating candles for your magick during this time. Fall spices are abundant. Think of nutmeg, star anise, cinnamon and other spices. If you are a new with learning the path this is another great way to connect with advanced practitioners or coven members. Ensure that you source your spices from a reputable, clean and organic source.

Choose your candle carefully. Let it speak to you as you shop. If you have an option to purchase handmade candles try this option and ensure your cleanse your candle of anyone else’s energies and intentions. If you have to source your candles from the average storefront spend time finding a candle that is not in a jar or container. If you have the resources, making your own candles is the best option. Several kits can be found online.

Sit your candle in the sun at the break of day and let it warm and soften at the sun’s peak. Once it is softened, this is a great time to incorporate the spices, flowers or other items that are safe to be near a flame. Roll the candle in a mixture of these magical ingredients and allow it to harden naturally in the safety of your newly cleansed home on your altar.

Dressing Your Candle

Candles are important to bring light work and reinforce the light and dark balance of the season
Candles are important to bring light work and reinforce the light and dark balance of the season
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You will need to dress the candle before burning it. Once you have rolled it in herbs, spices or flowers it is time to seal it with intention. The candle is a place to focus your energy and intention. Before using any candle in any ritual it is important to imbue that candle with the purpose of your magick.

Start by focusing on the candle. What is your intent? What spell or ritual will the candle be used for? Mabon is a time of balance and thankfulness. If your ritual for the Blue Moon is going to be in line with the season, make sure you give this energy to your candle and focus mindfully on the energy giving part of this process.

There are two basic ways to dress your candle and seal it for craft work. Your ritual for the Blue Moon will set your intention and path with this part of the process. Spend some time considering your spell before dressing the candle.

  • Bring energy to your candle by using an essential oil such as lavender or orange and starting at the top of the candle. Work your way down to the center rubbing the candle with the oils
  • Send energy away from your work and dispatch negativity by starting the oil in the center candle and working it away to the bottom of the candle.

Cook With Abundant Thankfulness

Harvest meals should be shared with your coven, family and the god and goddess
Harvest meals should be shared with your coven, family and the god and goddess
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Use this season of harvest and spices to channel your inner kitchen witch. Giving so much energy before the Blue Moon will require you to recharge in order to use the night for positive influence. We all know about the Christian tradition of Thanksgiving. Mabon should be a time of gathering and sharing. Food rituals should be conducted before the Blue Moon.

A gathering with your coven or magick friends is encouraged. The Hunter’s Moon in early October and the Blue Moon on Halloween this year should be used to share sustenance. It is also a fantastic excuse to prepare desserts with the deep rich flavors of Autumn.

If you are making food, be sure to set a plate for a dearly departed coven or family member. Autumn is time for homage to the dead. Most interpret this as time to gather candy and dress like horror show icons. However, for witches this is a time to acknowledge the losses as positive energy gains for the universe.

Use the Blue Moon for good. Set your intentions early. Create your spells early. Use the energy from the Harvest Moon to drive creativity for the Blue Moon. Make an ingredient list and pour your own candles. Mabon gives us a great deal of power and strength. Share that energy with the universe and use it to harness positivity and balance.

What are your plans? Is your coven busy this season? Look out for our article about the Ancestral Feast. Let us know what you think or what your plans are in the comments below!