God wants everything about you. He wants your prayers that are driven from misery, joy, and even anger. The complete giving of our whole self is what He desires. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind; yet, also pray with all the emotions of your heart, soul, and mind.

Pray to God with every emotion, all your heart, soul, and mind. Alway pray.
Pray to God with every emotion, all your heart, soul, and mind. Alway pray.
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Samuel 1:9-19

Summary: Pray without ceasing

Hannah went to the temple to pray before the Lord. Eli, the priest, was there. Hannah prayed in her bitterness and while weeping copiously.

She made a vow that if God looks at her with pity on her misery, not forget her, and bears a boy child, then she would offer him to be a servant of the Lord for as long as he lives. She remained long at prayer while praying silently.

Her mouth moved but no words could be heard. Eli thought she was drunk and told Hannah to go home, but she told Eli that she was not drunk, just unhappy and pouring out her trouble to the Lord.

Her prayer was prompted by her deep sorrow and misery. Eli said to go in peace and that may God grant her what she asked. She went home and drank with her husband and was no longer sad.

Reflection: We should always pray with all our being

Hannah teaches us something. To pray with everything inside of us whether that be with happiness or sorrow, misery or anger. She let everything out. Even Eli thought she was drunk. Many times people think of prayer as praying the rosary on our knees and holding the perfect prayerful position.

While that prayer is nice, prayer can be in the most excruciating pain our heart deals with that it can come off as offsetting. Yet, that is how prayer should be. You pouring all your heart out to God because it is an expression saying we know God can come to our assistance.

That is why we turn to Him. It is a sign of humility in saying that we cannot continue on without God. We need God in all our sorrows and anger just as we are joyous people.

Eli was there and said “peace and may God grant you what you ask”. We could mimic in the confessionals. We ask for forgiveness for all our wrong doing and the priest shall say, “Go in peace, God grants you forgiveness as you asked”.