A biblical reflection about repenting and serving the One True God

Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

I am the Lord your God: hear my voice.
(Ps. 81:11 and 9a)

Jesus said the first and greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart. The second is to love our neighbors. Both of these commandments deal with love. To achieve perfect happiness, we are to be in a state of love towards all things.

In order to love, we must obey the commands of God. God sets these commands, not as restrictions, but as loving provisions to keep us happy and healthy.

If we are living our lives outside of God’s loving commands, we need to repent and return to the Lord’s ways. If we are worshiping, or putting our faith in, any other god or system, we need to repent and return to worshiping God alone.

Only by obeying and loving God, by following his every command, can we hope to live in peace on Earth. More importantly, we will get to live in peace in Heaven forever.

Repent, says the Lord; the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.
(Mt. 4:17)

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