The infamous coronavirus has separated us from one another. For Church, Christians have had to adapt with livestreams. However, we should not get too comfortable on the couch and accept this as the new norm; even when churches open back up.

COVID-19 has taken many things away from us such as parks, sports, schools, entertainment, businesses deemed non-essential, and even our churches. The seriousness is real.

The light of the end of the tunnel does not seem close. Shelter in place orders ask for people to stay in doors unless for groceries and emergencies. If we are to go outside, we need to practice social distancing; six feet away from everyone. 

However, we can learn something about our spiritual life from social distancing. Social distancing has got us in our house with little face-to-face interactions with our friends. In the same way, we have been distancing ourselves from our church community.

While there are live streams, it is not the same. Humans are social creatures. We form communities. By divine creation, God did not intend for us to be alone.

How many of us know someone who claims they do not need to go to church because God is everywhere?

Here’s a quick story.

A faithful man who frequently went to church came to the conclusion that God is everywhere, so there is no reason to go to church. Weeks go by and the priest notices this man has not gone to church in some time. 

The priest goes out to find the man in his home. The man welcomes the priest into his home and they sit in front of the fireplace.

The man explains himself that God is everywhere so there is no point of church.

Silence. The priest does not say a word. Instead, he goes to the fireplace and takes out a piece of wood. Both of them stare at the wood. It was able to keep its flame, but only for a while. The flame began to get weak and small until it went out.

Without any words from the priest, the man said he understood and resumed going to church.

While it is true God is everywhere, we need to be in community. Worshipping God with our brothers and sisters is of importance. 

“Iron is sharpened by iron; one person sharpens another”

Proverbs 27:17