Who is the greatest amongst in the Kingdom of God?

Image by Pixel2013 on Pixabay

It is not uncommon to find a Catholic who knows little about their faith. The perfect prey for Non-Catholics to convince them out of the Church. The best way to prevent this from happening is by learning Catholic Apologetics. The books on apologetics are endless covering all the dogmas, doctrine, and practices.

Although, how often do you use your apologetics?

In everyday life, probably a limited time; unless you know someone you see frequently and is always asking questions.

Other than that?

Social Media.

Yet, I do not think arguing for the faith online brings about conversions. Plenty of people on “Catholic Twitter” act as online crusaders looking for tweets to argue against and defend the faith. It is great they are defending the faith, but they should be weary of how they present themselves. Are they rude? Arrogant? Stubborn? From personal experience, as I myself participated in this during the early stage of “Catholic Twitter” in 2013, it becomes a toxic mindset. To think you are always right. To think what makes you Catholic is simply “winning” online arguments. I am not saying to let all anti-catholic comments go unchallenged in the digital world.

It is important to know your faith and abide by it as the Church calls you to follow Her teachings. Of course, we have saints who are great defenders of the faith by combating heresy; however, we also have saints simply because of humility.

The key to heaven is humility. That applies more than physical appearance, it should be interior as well. To not speak when you always have to have the last word is humble. To do things without having to be reminded is humble. Being prideful in knowing all dogmas and doctrine is fruitless if not humble. The gate to the kingdom of heaven is small and narrow and the only way to pass through is by making yourself small.

What better way to be a Catholic than to do what Satan could never do?