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Mishaps at Church That Cause EmbarrassmentMary Kooiker

M&Ms and church. Do they go together?
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We’re human, and because of that, sometimes we slip up and cause embarrassing moments to happen at church. Mary shares a few funny anecdotes of moments she embarrassed herself at church. These humorous stories are a lot of fun.

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5 Great Book Series for Christian ChildrenAndrew Ronzino

Young girl sits on a couch and reads a great Christian children series on her tablet.
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There’s a ton of great Christian fiction out there for kids and teens. I list some of my favorites in this article. Someone commented and said that they bought one of the books for her teenage son after reading this article. If you’re looking for something for your kids to read, check out this list.

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How Christians Should Think like Christ Part 1Mary Kooiker

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Mary shares what she learned about treating people like Christ would and how to think as Christ did. It’s not always easy, especially when we’re not in the best of moods. This article is the first part of a two-part series.

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“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” Proverbs 17:22 (NLT)

Andrew Ronizno, Editor