Celebrations of Mabon can leave some witches feeling gloomy. Fall is a time of renewal, focus, and rebalancing. Here are a few suggestions for making Fall magical!

Autumn is a journey to take within yourself and to share with others.
Autumn is a journey to take within yourself and to share with others.
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Many see autumn as a time of death and change. Some see it as Halloween season. Others label it as hoodie season. Still, others squeal over pumpkin spice and insulated leggings. Autumn can be all that for us magical folk too. But it is so much more! This is a time of renewal, let’s talk about how to kick off the transitional equinox right!

Spruce Up Your Altar

Changing your altar can help you refresh your focus and change the energy of your environment.
Changing your altar can help you refresh your focus and change the energy of your environment.
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Use this time of abundance in nature to find objects for your altar and your home. If you are a kitchen witch, this is a crucial harvest time as the fields shift into heartier growth in temperate areas. While most people view fall as a time of death and dying as the leaves fall away and green succumbs to the cold, it is a time for us to gather new items.

You can create an altar to Mabon. Using leaves and branches, you can create a beautiful spread. Change your altar cloth to refresh the energy and clean your surface. Make sure that your cloth is bright and reflects the season. It is a time where we see balance, the light and dark, and our days grow shorter in most areas. Scatter leaves over the new cloth and enjoy the beautiful colors that grace us.

Add light and dark-colored candles to your altar to acknowledge balance. You might also consider adding a small scale as a symbol of balance. Depending upon your discipline, there are several runes you could use. You can also add certain animal symbols to indicate your focus and acceptance of this time of balance.

Use the Abundance for Nourishment

Nuts, seeds, and gourds can all help nourish the spirit.
Nuts, seeds, and gourds can all help nourish the spirit.
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Focus on plants that harvest at this time and be thankful, using each part of the plant. A pumpkin is a perfect example. Pumpkins can be cultivated for their “meat” and used in pies and other desserts, mashed into a savory dish, or made into cakes similar to potato cakes. Don’t forget to soak the cleaned seeds in saltwater, bake them, and munch on the yummy snacks!

If you have a coven, get together and cook! This can be an energizing time for kitchen witches. Those who choose the natural path can cook with changing ingredients in many parts of the world. Root vegetables are available during this time and they can make for hearty meals. A coven meal is a time to touch base, share energies, create ideas, and call the corners for an offering together.

Many folks think of apple cider this time of year. Witches are no exception. Remember that your offerings and coven gatherings can focus on wine, apple juices, ciders, and pomegranate juices. Use corn to make “vegan honey” or “corn jelly,” depending on the culture. It can make a fabulous spread to compliment biscuits and bread during this time of food storage and simple ingredients.

Time for a New Wand

Fallen branches from aging trees are a great source of wands.
Go in search of your wand and it will find you.
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Branches may fall readily. If you find a fallen branch, it might be a sign from your deity that it is time for a new wand. There are several approaches to wand making. Some more traditional witches use the branch as it was given, simply appreciating how it fell and embracing it. Others decorate their wands. What calls to you? Use your traditions as a guide. Be sure to research what wood works best with your intentions.

Several items to invoke the power of giving through your wand are available. You could use corn husks. Corn husks and leaves are sturdy and can be used to wrap or tie the handle of your wand. You could use the fallen feathers of migratory birds to attach to your wand for decoration and to call upon lightness and flight if you are particularly strong in your air spirit.

Use a wire from the metal of your choice and wrap a crystal that speaks to your intentions around the tip of your wand. Crystals hold their power, and charging them with the clearer skies and powerful moon in this season will ensure your wand is sound and powerful. Cleanse your wand and care for it with oil, ensuring you use it for positive invocation.

Happy Home, Happy Witch

Sweep the bad energy out of your home.
Sweep the bad energy out of your home.
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It is finally time to use that broom to cleanse and clean. There are several spells to cast this time of year that can be spoken across crisp air and carried to the Lord and Lady. Grab that broom, open those windows!

Mabon is a time of renewal. Your home is a reflection of your headspace and it should provide refuge for you. If you change linens, wash blinds, clean baseboards and molding, wipe down fans, clean fixtures, and renew your space, you can help bring good energy in. Send the negative out and use sage to conduct a smudging ritual around your home. Use your broom at entrances and exits, making a circle and sweeping outward toward the doors to help rebalance any negative vibes.

Use fresh candles and allow for seasonal smells to make their way around your home. Some herbs and fruits are unique to fall and can be utilized in candle-making or purchased and energized for your needs. Once you have moved new air in and sent the bad vibes out of your sanctuary, seal it with a blessing and light those yummy candles!

Mabon can be a time rich in energy and change. While the rest of the seasonal world is bummed about dead leaves and darker days, use that spark of magic to give good to the world. Set an intent, grab that book of shadows, whip out that journal, dust off that spell book and let’s get spooky!

What rituals are you planning? Is your coven having a COVID friendly get together? Replacing Zoom with astral projection? Comment down below!