13 Reasons Why’ became a highly discussed and popular show. The Netflix original series overwhelmed audiences with emotions. Here are 3 aspects behind the show’s success.  

3 Aspects Behind Netflix's Original Series 13 Reasons Why's Success.
3 Aspects Behind Netflix’s Original Series 13 Reasons Why’s Success.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Nowadays, series are one of the most consumed products in the entertainment industry. And that success can have many aspects behind it. One reason can be that series allows us to follow the stories more deeply, devoting several hours to a story.

It’s been three years since Netflix released 13 Reasons Why, a series based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher. The Netflix original series was supposed to only have one season because it covered the entire novel in the first season. But the success and the reception of the series was huge. That is the reason why the series had four seasons with the final season released earlier this year.

13 Reasons Why, a successful Netflix original series.
13 Reasons Why, a successful Netflix original series.
Original photo from as.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

There are tons of aspects behind Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why success. Such as the novel in which the series is based also having enormous success. And having Selena Gomez as the producer and in the charge of the soundtrack of the series’ first season could have driven it. But there are many fair aspects behind the Netflix original series’ success. Here are the top three aspects behind 13 Reasons Why’s success.

The Crude Reality of Being a Teenager

Let’s start with what I think is one of the key aspects behind the series’ success. There is a lot of crude reality portrayed in the series. Being a teenager hasn’t been easy for anyone, and high school can be brutal. Those two things are perfectly shared in the Netflix series. The perspective is based in reality.

Something that Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has is that the series shares reality, no matter how crude. Many series tend to stay in the superficial aspects of the series’ drama. But this Netflix original series went one step further. That is the reason why the series portrayed mental issues, violence, bullying, and suicide; topics that really need to be shared to create awareness. Bullying and violence in high schools is one of the most important topics in which we need to create awareness. And only by talking about abuse and violence are we able to do that.

Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why perfectly portrayed the reality.
Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why perfectly portrayed the reality.
Original photo from canva.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Teenagers will not understand the consequences of that behavior. And as portrayed in the series, teenagers don’t know how to cope with being victimized that way. Also, the series shows how those situations can lead to tragic and chaotic results.

This series shared the stories of millions of people around the world. It shared the struggle of living with abuse and violence at school and how it can make someone lose everything. Also, the Netflix series had all the points of view involved in violence and abuse at school. That is something relevant because it allows the series to foster reflection and introspection. And not many series have treated important social themes with that realism.

Characters and Stories Completely Built

13 Reasons Why is a series that doesn’t leave any aspect out. From the very start, the Netflix series shares a fully developed story. But not only the story in general, this series really focused on each character. Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is a complete and well-constructed combination of many individual stories. And each story and character was fully realized.

Focusing on multiple points of view gives even more realism and drama to the series. No character is flawless or entirely without empathy. The series highlights the morally grey nature of each individual. Each character has real-life issues they’re struggling with. And that is the best way to build engagement with the audience.

This Netflix original series share real characters and real stories.
This Netflix original series share real characters and real stories.
Original photo from aciprensa.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Characters such as Clay, the main character, portrayed the lives of many teenagers. He embodies all the issues someone can go through, but also all the mistakes anyone can make. And not only him, many people can see themselves in the things Hannah Baker went through. Same as many parents could see how their actions can make their sons or daughters go through the same issues as Bryce or Justin.

The Production Elements

Let’s start by pointing out this was Selena Gomez’s debut as a producer. This Netflix original series had something not many series have, an incredible soundtrack that perfectly matched the story. Not only in the series’ first season but also in the other three. If there’s anything to be said about Selena Gomez as a producer, it’s to praise her for creating an entire musical production to go with the series.

Along with that, the show found a way to adapt to the rest of the series’ seasons. Each season has key elements to share the story uniquely. For example, in the series’ first season we listened to the story through tapes. That was how, within the plot, we were able to listen to Hannah Baker herself share her story. Then, in season two, the story was shared through Polaroids that are proof of the events.

13 Reasons Why, a Netflix original series with many interesting production elements.
13 Reasons Why, a Netflix original series with many interesting production elements.
Original photo from canva.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Also, a really attractive element to 13 Reasons Why is how it follows a perfect combination between past and present. The series guides us through the entire story in a non-linear fashion, keeping the audience constantly intrigued. The series follows a sequence in which there is always something else to discover.

13 Reasons Why is an overwhelming and realistic series to stream. This Netflix original production has a fair and well-deserved success. As you could see, many aspects made this series a complex and attractive production.

Now that 13 Reasons Why has released its final season, it is a great time to stream the series. Or to stream it again and gain to appreciation of its many quality aspects. This is one of those series that can leave us with a lot in mind, and help us talk about important social topics that need more awareness.