Chinese dramas explore many beautiful stories that steal our hearts. If you’re new to the world of C-dramas, these are some of the best series for you to get started.

Top 3 C-drama for Beginners
Top 3 C-dramas for Beginners

If you love exploring fresh and unique stories and plots, then don’t miss the Chinese Dramas. They give you a fresh new drama experience.  Today I am going to open the door of this new world.

As an Indian, I used to watch many Hollywood movies and English web series. I never thought that I would be addicted to Chinese dramas like now. Even though I have no understanding of the Chinese language, thanks to the English subtitles I am gripped.

So, what is the best one to watch? Today I am going to share the three C-dramas that I consider must-watch television. All of them are available on YouTube with English subtitles.

‘Love O2O

This show is best for beginners
This show is best for beginners

“Love O2O” is a gem of Chinese dramas. It gives you a good representation of what they can be like. This Romance-Comedy drama showcases the dream everyone wishes to have in their college life. I have watched this drama three times.

Bei Weiwei is a beauty well-versed in computer games. To complete her games she teams up with Xiao Nai who is a handsome straight “A” student that has a promising future. As the story develops, they gradually develop feelings for each other without knowing their true identity.

Wedding ceremony in-game
Wedding ceremony in-game

Does it look like an ideal drama plot? It is not, though it contains common themes like a love triangle and jealousy. It has something that other dramas don’t have. Love O2O shows the pure love and trust among couples. The story of the couples doesn’t end in college, it follows their path through work and family life.

The story doesn’t just revolve around them, there is equal character development for every character in the show. It portrays the friendship between the students. It has amazing visual effects both in the game world, and in the real world.

As you’re a beginner this will easily convey the Chinese culture and the people’s nature to you. If you like this Chinese drama, then you will be comfortable with many others. It is a long show, but every episode will touch your heart.

‘Ashes of Love

'Ashes of Love'
‘Ashes of Love’

Among Asian dramas, Chinese dramas are well-known for their ancient or historical stories. “Ashes of Love” is the masterpiece of the genre. It is a Chinese “Game of Thrones.” This story revolves around adventures within different realms. It contains classic fantasy elements like magic, mythical creatures, and immortality.

Jin Mi the flower goddess is fed with a magical pill that restricts her from falling in love. After she meets the Fire God Xufeng, they decided to tour the outside world for the first time in 1000 years. During the journey, she meets the brother of Xufeng the Night God, Runyu. This love triangle is the centerpiece of the show.

Magical Duel scenes from Ashes of Love
Magical Duel scenes from Ashes of Love

No one can explain the story of this drama in one paragraph. Though this drama has love in its name, this is by no means the dominant theme. The show is full of cunning schemes, war, and fantasy. The visual effects of this drama are utterly incredible.

It shows brotherhood between stepbrothers, how gods would think, the motives of different realms, and the problems there. It is filled with plenty of characters that all connect with you. There are many subplots but they are presented simply and easily understandable. It will be a long ride, but you won’t get bored in any scenes. If you love reading epic fantasy novels and exciting stories then this drama is for you.

Go Ahead

'Go Ahead'
‘Go Ahead’

Go-Ahead is the recent drama that aired in 2020. It is filled with life lessons and motivation. I heartily connected with this drama and the three main leads. In each episode, you will learn something new.

Three kids with no blood relations grew up together under two single dads. Facing troubles and misunderstanding, three kids became like real brothers and sisters even though they really are not. In their high school years, time forces the two brothers to live with their parents who once abandoned them. After 9 years, the two try to reunite, but past family problems hinder them.

Go Ahead - a family without blood relation
Go Ahead – a family without blood relation

This drama teaches all the life lessons that can be learned. It showcases the hard life of the children after the parents’ divorce, youth problems, how family problems affect the kid’s studies, and ways the poor get bullied. In short, it shows the bitter reality of life.

At the same time, it shows the way to overcome those struggles. It shows parental love and sacrifice, quarrels between siblings, friendship, values of parenting, and all the beautiful side of life. Thus the drama acts as a motivation in life for all the youngsters who struggle to be successful.

Every scene shares the events in your life or in your relatives. So you can easily connect to the characters and the story. If you are a family drama lover, then you shouldn’t miss this drama.

New to C-drama? Keep these in mind…

C-dramas are not like western dramas. It will be hard for you to connect with them. Remember these points before starting these dramas:

  • They have a completely new culture, traditions, foods, and rules that you should adapt to. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the story even though their emotions are the same as ours.
  • If you are looking for some skin. I mean steamy or Erotic romance scenes, forget it. Drugs and other toxic substance usages will be rare in all the shows.
  • You may get confused with characters as they look similar, but you will get used to it. Learn to admire the cuteness in their stories.

I hope my list of the best Chinese drama movies for beginners entertained you. All the episodes are available on YouTube with English subtitles. If you want more drama suggestions, please comment below. Have you watched these dramas? Then share your thoughts on them. Let’s enjoy the stories together.