Korean entertainment has so much more to offer than music. Korean fever has transitioned to series. Here are 2 Korean series to stream on Netflix.

Korean Fever: 2 Korean Series to Stream on Netflix.
Korean Fever: 2 Korean Series to Stream on Netflix.
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It has been a couple of years since South Korean entertainment started conquering the world. The firsts Korean entertainment contents that made us fall in love were their incredible K-pop bands. But since that, we also have got Korean movies and dramas.

In a globalized world, it is possible to stream content from any culture and language. If there is something that has revolutionized that, it’s streaming services like Netflix. Thanks to streaming services, movies and series from all around the world have got the chance to become international. And Korean series are glorious examples of that.

Netflix has tons of international series to stream. Including Netflix’s original series, as Cable Girls, Dark, and The Rain. But also, Netflix has the distribution of tons of Korean series and movies. Here are two Korean series you can stream on Netflix for Korean fans of different tastes.

Korean Series to Stream on Netflix #1: Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class, a Korean Series to stream on Netflix.
Itaewon Class, a Korean Series to stream on Netflix.
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This Korean series was one of Netflix’s 2020 series releases. Itaewon Class is a Korean drama series originally broadcasted on the Korean Tv channel JTBC. Later, Netflix became the first stream service in distributing the series. Itaewon Class has been one of the most popular series of the year in South Korea. The series is based on the Korean Webtoon with the same name by Gwang Jin. The series’ name is actually the name of one of the most popular neighborhoods in South Korea Itaewon.

This Korean series stars one of the most popular young actors in South Korea, Park Seo-jun. In the series, a group of friends from Itaewon decide to start their gastronomical entrepreneurship. These four brave and decided friends start struggling with a world full of social differences. But also, these young Koreans struggle with the normal things every student struggles with, like bullying.

At the start of the series, we follow how Park Sae-Roy’s life falls apart. First, he gets in trouble at school for fighting with the school’s bully, defending a peer. But in a society with very marked social classes, as the Korean society, injustices span all levels and ages. Just because the bully’s dad is a wealthy man, Sae-Roy’s entire life and family suffer the consequences of his acts. His father gets fired and he gets expelled from school.

Later in the series, the Korean young man loses his dad because of the economic and social crisis the family was going through. And again, he acts impulsively against the wealthy family. This results in his arrest and imprisonment for violent assault. When he is released from prison, he and his friends decide to start a restaurant business in Itaewon. And it’s all apart of the young man’s plan to take revenge against the wealthy family that took everything from him.

This is a really different Korean series option to stream on Netflix. Mostly because the series plot doesn’t focus specifically on a love drama or romantic drama. The series shares some relevant topics from Korean society, such as the marked social classes and differences.

Korean Series to Stream on Netflix #2: The King: Eternal Monarch

The Kin: Eternal Monarch, a Korean series to stream on Netflix.
The Kin: Eternal Monarch, a Korean series to stream on Netflix.
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This Korean series is another 2020 Netflix release. The King: Eternal Monarch is a science fiction and fantasy Korean drama. The romantic fantasy series originally broadcasted in the Korean Tv channel SBS, from April to June this year. Later, the Korean series was released on Netflix worldwide. Baek Sang-hoon directed the series, and it has Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun starring. The King: Eternal Monarch was one of the most expected series for the year in South Korea, not only for the cast but also for its incredible and extended promotion the series had in Korea.

This is a Korean romantic series with a peculiar plot. If you like parallel universe stories, you will definitely like this show. This is a different option because it combines fantasy, sci-fiction, and romance, which is not common in many Korean series. The show follows the story of two characters from parallel universes, and the collision of their worlds. In the series, a deity has set free a demon that opens up the door between both universes.

The series features a universe in which Korea is just the same Korea we all know, set in the present. While in the other universe, Korea seems to be trapped in the past, in a fantasy realm. The biggest difference is that in the fantasy universe, Korea is an empire ruled by a single monarch. One day the portal between universes opens up when the King is chasing a mystical creature. In that way, the Korean king goes into the forest from his universe but goes out in a different Korea from another universe.

In the series, the romantic drama starts when the Korean king meets the detective Jeon Tae-Eul from the Republic of Korea. The Korean woman is the first person from the parallel universe the king meets. At first, the woman mistrusts the weird and seemingly mad man that claims he’s from another universe. But she stills starts helping him and trying to understand his theory of the parallel universes. Things get tricky when they search for a way to close the door between the universes and find evil forces fighting against them.

Now it is time for me to invite you to stream these two Korean series. They’re both in their first season, making them great options to stream and start getting into the Korean entertainment world. And finally, I want to invite you to stay tuned, because the Korean Fever series has just started. So, there are more top Korean series to stream coming soon.