College Football, 2020 is just around the corner. Plan ahead and be prepared to enjoy the first kick-off of the season with family and friends.

Football season kicks off Saturday.
Football season kicks off soon. Be ready to celebrate at home
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So many things have been different this year with the COVID-19 pandemic. New rules have been made to ensure everyone is practicing social distancing and staying safe in these uncertain times. There is one time of the year that people look forward to and have become a part of their traditions. If you thought of college football season when the word “tradition” was mentioned, you are correct! However, just because you may not physically go to games does not mean you cannot make the most of the 2020 college football season, and here are some ways to do just that.

Host Your Own Gameday Get Together

Get together with friends and family for game day.
Get together with friends and family for game day
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There is no doubt that getting out and tailgating is the preferred way to get ready to see your favorite teams play. Considering the circumstances, that may not be an option this year, so why not create your own version of a tailgate at home? No matter what your plans for football, 2020, make sure you stay safe. Social distancing is not ideal for football season, but it is necessary to remember to keep your group small when inviting people over.

One way to get the crew together for the game is by having a cookout. I mean, who doesn’t love the outdoors, grilled food, and football? So, Don’t put the grill away for the summer just yet; you will need it for fall too. By hosting outdoors, you can not only keep using the grill, but also the outdoor games. Get together early and make your game day the best.

Sometimes the weather can mess up the plans for an outdoor event; when something unexpected happens, cookouts are not always an option for you on game day. If this is the case, I suggest our family football tradition and watching the game from the comfort of your living room with pizza, hot wings, and your favorite beer. So, when Saturday rolls around, cook up your feast, throw on your team jersey, and watch some football.

Head To Your Favorite Spot and Enjoy the Day

Go to your favorite place with your crew.
Go to your favorite place with your crew
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Nearly every college football fan has their favorite restaurant or bar that they go to and watch the game. Many businesses look forward to this time of year and always have the big games playing for the fans. Sports bars and hometown restaurants are always a go-to spot for football season. Why not get the family ready or grab some friends and enjoy the day?

If you are not sure where to watch the game, watch for the advertisements. Some of the larger spots like Buffalo Wild Wings, for example, advertise on television and social media that they are ready for football season and welcome everyone. You can also check some of the small local spots to see who is showing the game, and even get recommendations from friends. As for my crew and me, when we are not watching from home, we look for the closest Jefferson’s Restaurant and enjoy great food and college football.

If going out is the option you prefer, remember social distancing is important to make sure that you are staying safe and for the safety of others. Check ahead of time to see how many people are allowed in each party to make sure your plans go smoothly. With the pandemic, things are different, but we can still enjoy the things we always have, like football.

Best Food for Your College Football Party

Food trays make the perfect game day snack.
Food trays make the perfect game day snack
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For those who are staying in and watching the game, but you are not sure what to cook to entertain your party guests, this is just for you. Sometimes it is hard to decide what everyone wants to eat on a regular day, so Saturdays take some extra planning. These are some favorites that everyone loves and the perfect food or snack for game day.

One of the best game day foods, and our family’s favorite, is wings. The good thing about wings that there so many flavor possibilities to please everyone. After considering all the flavors and blends, I thought about some of my family’s favorites and picked the best flavors. Besides the traditional buffalo or BBQ flavors, you can also try sweet Asian chili, garlic parmesan, and even chipotle bacon.

If you would rather have snack and finger foods than spending time cooking for your football party, here some ideas. Make the perfect party tray out of all your crew’s favorites. Party trays can include any combination of snacks you want. Some people prefer fruits and vegetables with their favorite dips, while others prefer meat and crackers with various cheeses. The good thing about taking this route is you can have it all in all the combinations you choose.

This is a great time of the year to spend time with friends and family and have fun. However, with the changes in place as far as being able to attend events and go out, we have to learn to make the most of it. Coming up with new ideas and ways to enjoy college football can be tough, but doable. With the right plans, food, and your favorite people, nothing can ruin your Saturday.