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The Team

Cory Goodwin
President / Founder

A positive and spiritual, albeit imperfect, person, who seeks to do God’s will. An introvert who loves sharing his creativity via the written word. Follow me at

Marianna Reep

I love all things creative-writing, reading, photography and crafting to name a few.
I also love to travel and experience the great outdoors.
Raised a military child, I currently live in Texas.

Marina DelGreco

A video-gamer, writer, and creative person with a passion for helping others. I listen to a variety of music, but Bruce Springsteen is very near and dear to my heart.

Lou Donato

Lou Donato is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and health coach. He’s the owner of Sculpt, a personalized fitness and nutrition coaching studio in the greater Boston area. Lou’s clients include athletes, physique competitors, members of law enforcement, military personnel, and media personalities.

Sarah Peets

Sarah is a Early Childhood Educator with a fur-baby and human baby that rule her days. She has travelled throughout Eastern Asia and the U.S. With a B.A. in History, she has always had an interest in cultures and the context in which they thrive.

Samantha Ikner

Sam is a writer based out of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. In her free time, she loves to read, draw, and write. She’s the new mom of two adorable kittens named Cinder and Ash, so feel free to send her any pet advice (and pictures!) on Twitter @snekbaby

Beth Rauch

Born and raised in upstate New York, with a brief and very influential stint living in Great Britain, Beth A. Freely Rauch calls Texas her home with her husband Daniel, daughter Caitlyn and cats, Peanut Butter and Toast.

Beth has 14 years of writing experience as a copywriter and published author. She enjoys shooting pool, working a haunted house during Halloween, and comic book hero movies. She is also a managing partner of Stoney Hollow Paints, a horse ranch in Texas specializing in showing and breeding Paint horses.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Media Communication with a minor in Marketing as well as a Master’s Degree in English and Creative Writing.

Beth is the author of “Behind The Eyes of Dorian Gray” and co-author of “The Legend of Captain St. Pierre.” She is currently working to complete her third novel, “The Loch.”

Moira King

Moira is a self-identified space cadet currently trapped in the desolate wasteland of Upstate New York. She was first published at the age of nine in an anthology for children that still lives permanently on her bookshelf some twenty years later. Her hobbies include wine, television, and overthinking everything. If given a choice, she’d pick fictional people over real ones. That being said, she’ll talk your ear off if you let her.

Andrew Ronzino

Originally from Long Island, New York, Andrew is a writer and author who lives in West Michigan. He likes to write fiction most of all. He is a lover of all things sci-fi and fantasy, and enjoys dry red wine and sitting down to watch a good movie.

Allison Moss

Born and raised in South Carolina, Allison has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She is the Social Media Marketer for both Game Aroono and Pet Aroono, and is the Owner and Creator behind The MossCat (@themosscat on FB and IG). In her spare time, she loves to play with her cat, binge Netflix, and spend time with friends and family.


Willow was born and raised in Washington State and has a background in Theater, History and Digital Marketing. In her free time she love cooking for her family and friends, traveling the world and learning about different cultures. With her Military husband and 2 fur babies she has lived in New York, Virginia, Texas and Japan. Make sure and follow her foodie/travel Instagram @itswillowskitchen

Karen Parquet

A dog lover extraordinaire owned by a saluki, a greyhound and a retriever mix, who keep her busy when she’s not writing, spending time with her husband or being out in nature. She is often busy learning new things about the subjects she writes about, reading books, attending school, as well as pursuing her hobbies of gaming and gardening.

Ashley Paramo
Lead Contributor

Ashley Paramo is a freelance copywriter and overall book nerd.

Renea Di Bella
Lead Contributor

She/her. Renea is a lifelong writer, middle school teacher, and poet who was born and raised in Michigan. She has a BA in Social Studies Education, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, and pets that she loves as if they are her kids.

Brianna Schullo
Lead Contributor

Brianna Schullo is a blogger, creative writer, and humorist. She recently graduated from college, where she studied creative writing and environmental studies because climate change is scary, and she wants it to stop. She loves all things hippy-dippy including crystals, tarot cards, and veganism. She knows she’s a walking cliché. You can catch her more ridiculous posts on and if you dare.

Caitlyn Kithcart
Lead Contributor

Courtney Moore
Lead Contributor

Hello all, I’m Courtney. My knack of embarrassing myself and living to tell the tale has turned me into a carefree writer. I can’t embarrass myself any further. Have you ever gone for a swim and not realized your swimsuit floated away? I have. Has the bathroom door ever swung open on its own, revealing a line of people staring at you? It’s happened to me. My experiences have allowed me to be open with my readers. We’re humans. We’ve been through a lot of stuff, let’s just get it out. Whether it’s a blog post, screenplay, short script, or short story, I’m going to be open and honest. It’s the best way to get your readers to trust you. Except for the waterfall incident of ‘08. I’m not going to discuss the waterfall incident of ‘08. Put that in my file.

Eric Johnson
Lead Contributor

Eric is a writer based out of New Brunswick, Canada. He has a BA with a double major in Communications, and English. His writing career spans over 5 years, writing for several different mediums.

Dalphine Wanjiru

Dalphine is a passionate content marketer formerly working at Arabia Horizons Tours LLC. She specializes in blogging, copywriting, and sales copy.
Her obsession is to innovate new ways of creating amazing content that’s absurdly useful and effective.

Stephanie Stott

Recent English grad with an obsession with chocolate lava cake, 19th-century fiction, and cats.

Simbiat Ayoola

Hi there! I’m a Simbiat Damilola Ayoola, a content writer by day and aspiring author by night. I love to read, watch movies, and travel. I have a weird obsession with Naruto, Harry Potter, and the author of Red Rising Trilogy.

LaVanessa Krikwood

A long time animal lover with an obsession for creative writing. In her free time, she enjoys sitting with her notebooks and creating random works of fiction, turning old things into new with arts and crafts, and drawing whatever catches her eye.

Ellie Phant

Equine sports blogger, amateur showjumper and groom to a professional showjumper, Ellie’s intrepid mission is to inspire menopausal equestrians to pursue their dreams. Visit her website and discover some creative methods of staying the course.

Ally Kutz

Ally Kutz is a content writer with a degree in English-Professional Writing from Penn State University. She enjoys travel, books, live music, and most popular culture. She is always looking for new experiences that take her out of her comfort zone.

Sarah Sabourin

Mary Kooiker

I am a dynamic, enthusiastic professional with a positive attitude, a drive for success, and broad experience in multiple environments providing customer service, sales, administrative support, and leadership. I have a creative approach to problem-solving, total commitment to superior service, and skill at multi-tasking in a fast-paced, high-pressure setting. I am self-motivated, with the ability to readjust focus as priorities change and a demonstrated talent for meeting or exceeding established operational goals, solid communication, and relationship-building skills.

Katerina Kostadinova

Katerina is a prolific character and story writer. She writes short stories, short movie scripts, poetry, blog posts, and articles. Researching new subjects, analyzing literary works, and reading on the beach are her favorite activities. She has a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology, and a master’s degree in Creative Writing. Currently, she teaches English Composition and Developmental Writing at the College of the Florida Keys. When she is not writing and working, she is jogging or meditating.

Elizabeth Biar

Writer. Student of history. Beach Goer. Champagne Drinker. Chocolate Lover.

Wilson Jena

My name is Wilson. I am an aspiring entrepreneur. I love writing, read self-development books, fitness, watching movies, and traveling. My dream is to become a millionaire and change the lives of other people.

William James Kovaleski III

A local writer from Superior, WI. Used to be a journalist, turned creative article writer, doesn’t ever want to go back. Passionate about all things writing and art.

Haydee Vanegas

23 years old. Bilingual (native Spanish – proficient English). 2 Bachelor degrees: a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Administration of Human Resources Management. Writer. Content Writer.

Jana Pivonka

Emily Dalamangas

Emily is the owner of On the Map Marketing LLC where she helps put companies ‘on the map’ using impactful messaging underpinned by innovative strategic thinking. Emily has a heavily inked passport and believes it’s important to get out, experience the world and use those moments to ignite fresh perspectives to enrich her marketing work. She’s been to 39 countries and hopes to add number 40 soon.

Alexandra Grindle

I am a recent graduate from Newcastle University, where I studied English Literature & Creative Writing. I taught English as a foreign language in Vietnam public schools last year and have returned to the UK to continue life as an aspiring content writer and author.

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