You might not be able to drop a deposit on a huge trip, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still plan a vacation! If you’re looking for a reason, we’ve got you covered.

The One Reason You Should Still Keep Planning a Trip
The One Reason You Should Still Keep Planning a Trip
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

In the current times, it makes me wonder how taking a trip will look in the future. Recently, I had to cancel a trip to visit my family and one huge vacation to Europe. It was not a simple decision to make, but it was a necessary one. We are all still dealing with this changing world, making it difficult to plan anything. But, we still need some bright spots to look forward to. Luckily for us travelers, wanderlust is in our bones!

So, you might be wondering, if I cannot predict the future, what reason could there be to plan my trip? Well, here you go. The top reason why you should still plan your trip is:

Planning a trip gives you something to look forward to!

Okay, so the trip might not happen, BUT, that doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming or making a plan! According to a study conducted by Cornell University, just the anticipation of waiting for an experience causes excitement! Your brain is easily tricked. When you start to plan a trip, it causes your brain to get excited about an escape from your reality – that is definitely a reason!

Reason You Should Keep Planning Your Trip
One Reason To Plan A Trip Is Happiness
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Now is where the fun can really start. Even though my trip to Europe was canceled a few weeks ago, I can still pretend that it is happening! To get myself and my husband through all this crazy, we decided to just pretend and keep planning. Even though we both know it probably won’t happen, our brains don’t need to know. Shhh… 

You might not want to pack your bags just yet, but you can start to plan your trip now. Create vacation dream boards, follow places on social media, and get yourself excited about taking trips again. Taking a trip might look different in our near future, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop planning. It simply means we must alter our plans a little bit when it comes to vacations. 

Now, if you are someone that is wanting to pack your bags right this second, planning may not do much for you! It may not be the trip of your dreams, but there are some creative things to do. Here are a few suggestions for actual trips to take to give you something:

Plan a road trip!

Reason You Should Keep Planning Your Trip
Plan A Day Road Trip
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After spending countless days at home, even taking a ten-minute drive somewhere can really change your mindset. Jump in your car and plan a drive to somewhere nearby. Turn on your favorite songs, roll down your windows, and enjoy the freedom of a drive. Once you get to your destination, take a walk around, and enjoy the space. Though this is simply a drive somewhere followed by a drive back home, it can be a fun mini day trip to get your travel blood flowing.

Plan a trip to visit a nearby park.

Reason You Should Keep Planning Your Trip
Plan A Trip To A Nearby Park Or Nature Spot
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Connecting to nature is a good way to escape from reality. If you love the outdoors, taking a trip to a park can be just the energy boost you need. Plan on spending the day writing or drawing in your notebook, taking photos of wildlife nearby, or just sitting-soaking in oxygen. Take this trip to regroup and relax from the everyday craziness.

So, make those plans and give yourself something to look forward to!