What do you think of while planning a trip? Is it the budget airline? A luxury stay? Delicious food? Are there any tourism aspects beyond these parameters? Can a holiday to Malaysia be more exciting? Let’s find out in this article.

Malaysia Tourism - Cruise is a fabulous option
Malaysia Tourism – Cruise
Image From: Pexels by Samson Bush

COVID-19 reduced tourism in Malaysia. The country expected to receive over 28 million tourists in 2020. Travel will normalize in a short duration.

We can hope that the boom in tourism will continue. This aspect is vital to the dynamics of tourism growth in Malaysia.

Yet, there are some crucial tourism related aspects. Most of us don’t touch them. Would you like to shift the focus to these aspects? Let us think of them in brief:

Consider Cruising in Malaysia for Novelty in Tourism:

Malaysia competes with Singapore and Thailand for cruising. Yet, many players berth their cruise here. Malaysia has many local ports. These ports have all modern facilities.

Very few players operate cruises. They are not ‘rivals’. So, this aspect of tourism is gaining importance today.

Some of the major cruise services in Malaysia:

  • Star Cruises
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Ocean Village,
  • Aida Cruises,
  • Holland America,
  • Costa Cruises,
  • Seabourn Cruise Lines and so on.

Gambling is illegal in Malaysia for its citizens. Malaysia is an Islamic state, and the religion doesn’t allow gambling. Yet, it is a good source of revenue for cruise operators.

Cruising in Malaysia has a bright future. Tourism gets the benefit of growth in this sector too. Tourists from around the globe like to visit Malaysia as a part of their cruise trip.

The Government of Malaysia is positive in cruising. They wish to grow this sector. So, the policies are in favor. They relieve this sector from Cabotage policies.

Cruising is one of the critical aspects related to tourism. Book your cruise from reliable sources and enjoy your trip!

Tourism Amid Nature – Plan Farmstay:

Tourism with innovative aspects - Farm Resort in Malaysia
Farm Resorts in Malaysia – A New Aspect in Tourism
Image From: Pexels by Micheal Block

What if you could spend some days on farms in Malaysia? Wait a moment! We are not talking about farms of corn, cotton, soybean, wheat, and sugarcane as in the US. This is about a holiday staying in a farm resort in Malaysia.

You can see huge tea plantations, and farms growing spices in Malaysia. This is a different aspect of possibilities in Tourism here. In Malaysia, you get to see huge spice-farms of cardamom and clove and many more. Sounds interesting?

Now, can you get the facilities to enjoy a luxurious stay in these farms? This is again a crucial aspect about out of the box thinking in tourism. Yet, the answer is yes. You can book farm resorts for a package tour.

The farm resorts in Malaysia provide all modern amenities. You get spacious deluxe rooms, Wi-Fi connectivity and modular bathrooms in there.

At the same time, this concept of tourism keeps you away from the crowd and hustles of the cities. Here are a few top-rated farm resorts in Malaysia:

Let’s take a quick look at one of the farm resorts in Malaysia through this video:

A farm and forest retreat in Malaysia

The Final Words:

This article opens up a unique perspective about tourism in Malaysia. You can plan your holiday by keeping these aspects in mind. We are sure that cruising and farm resorts will add glory to your experiences. So, it’s time to rethink on your holiday dreams!