I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for over 7 years. I got to know the town fairly well in that time period. I visited many hotel/casinos. My favorite by far was the Venetian Hotel & Casino. You could always find me in the poker room.

The Venetian, home to the best poker room.
The Venetian, home to the best poker room. Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

The Venetian started out as the Sands Hotel & Casino and is still owned by Las Vegas Sands. It is the largest complex on The Strip when you include the connecting Palazzo Hotel & Casino as well as the Sands Expo Convention Center.

Most people don’t think of the Venetian when they think of Las Vegas. It doesn’t have the name appeal as Ceasar’s Palace of Bellagio. However, The Venetian is a first-class five-star resort. It is by far my favorite place to gamble on the strip.


My favorite form of gaming is Poker. Namely, Texas Hold’em. I actually lived in Las Vegas to work as a professional poker player. I grinded out a living at the $2/$5 no limit tables for several years. The poker room staff were more than accommodating to their players. The seats are more than comfortable, the tables are good size, and the dealers are competent.

The casino floor is a fun place to play as well. They have higher minimum limits than other casinos, but their roulette, craps, and 21 tables are fun an enjoyable. The dealers are friendly and drink service is quick.

Poker Room Food

The Venetian poker room gives you two options to eat. You can eat at your table or head over to the Grand Lux Café. The waiters take your order and bring you your food without you having to miss a hand. It’s all comped depending on how much you play. Your play is tracked via a player’s card.

My favorite place to eat was the Grand Lux Café. They situate it near the entrance from the valet. It has many café options for breakfast. That was my go-to meal while I was playing all night. The poker room comped my meals there. I enjoyed a nice breakfast every morning before heading off to bed to sleep the day away.


The Venetian hosts a splendid party at the TAO nightclub. It is all the range on the strip. As Marilyn Manson said, It’s home to the beautiful people. The partiers at TAO are just above the poker room. They conveniently put the poker room near the escalators. When the beautiful people leave the night club, they spill into the poker room. As a poker player, you want to lick your lips when you see the TAO cups.

The Venetian poker room is a world class place. I highly recommend visiting and earning lots of money at the tables. Keep your game sharp and your wits about you. You’ll clean up, I am sure of it.