Greece is a country full of beautiful sites, lots of history, and most importantly appetizing food and drinks. These are the delicious Mediterranean items that will have you cleaning your plate.

Greece Greek food
Greek lunch by the sea in Santorini, Greece.
Photo by Kamala Saraswathi on Unsplash

1. Greek Food: Feta Cheese

Feta is a salty Greek cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. The Greek word feta comes from the Italian word ‘fetta’ which means ‘slice.’ The name feta was first introduced into the Greek language in the 17th century.

Dishes to try:

  • Horiatiki Salad: Commonly known as a “Greek salad” and typically features a big block on feta right on top.
  • Tiropita: Layers of feta and buttery filo dough often served in individual portions or as a large pie.
  • Spanokopita: Similar to tiropita but with spinach added to it.
Greece Greek food
Olive tree in Greece
Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

2. Greek Food: Olives and Olive Oil

Greece is one of the top olive oil producing countries. Greek olive oils often rank among the best in the world for their flavor and aroma. The Kalamata is one of Greece’s best known types of olives. It is named after the city of Kalamata in the Peloponnese area of Greece.

How to use olive oil in Greek dishes:

  • Drizzled as a dressing for a salad
  • A dip for breads
  • Brushed on meat or fish as a marinade
  • Frying vegetables such as potatoes or eggplant
Greece Greek food
Baklava and Greek honey topped yogurt in Athens, Greece.
Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

3. Greek Food: Honey

The warm Aegean sun plus the diversity of Greece’s flora creates a rich, flavorful honey. Thyme honey is the most well known of Greek honeys. The main source of thyme honey is from the slopes of Mount Hymettus in Attica in Greece.

Dishes to try:

  • Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt in Greece is unlike what we find at our local grocery store. Top it with honey and a few nuts.
  • Loukoumades: Balls of deep fried dough covered in honey and walnuts. The best ones are at shops that specialize in only these delicious treats.
  • Baklava: A rich sweet dessert made of layers of honey, nuts, and filo dough.
Greece Greek food
Greek ouzo by the ocean in Greece.
Photo by Konstantinos Papadopoulos on Unsplash

4. Greek Drink: Ouzo

Ouzo is an anise flavored aperitif. In 2006, Greece won the right to label ouzo as an exclusively Greek product. Try ouzo in Greece at an ouzeria which is a cafe that serves ouzo as well as other small plates.

 How to enjoy ouzo:

  • Ouzo is typically drunk straight or mix it with citrus or cranberry juices.
  • Adding water or ice cubes to ouzo makes it turn cloudy white.
  • Sip it with a selection of appetizers such as olives and feta cheese.

Which Greek food are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments down below!

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