Goa has been one of my favorite travel destinations right from when I was schooling. The sunny and sandy beaches, the roaring waters of the sea, and the culture over there attracted me.

Beaches in Goa for incredible experiences
Beaches in Goa for incredible experiences
Image From: Unsplash by alexey turenkov

Goa is a beautiful state in Western part of India. It was a Portugal colony till 1961. So, you can witness the deep impression of the culture, cuisine, and architecture here. There are many fascinating beaches across the Arabian Sea. The beaches make Goa the most preferred travel destination of most of the tourists from across India and abroad. Let’s learn more about the 3 most mesmerizing beaches in Goa one by one.

Colva Beach, Salcete, South Goa

I would like to start the journey of beaches in Goa from Colva. One of my friends took me here for the first time during the Christmas Season. The fireworks, the carnival, the fascinating music, and interestingly, preaching and signing about the Lord and Jesus in the local language ‘Konkani’ was something that I can never forget.

You would love to enjoy the beach-life on Colva Beach apart from the festivity and celebrations. You can conveniently book a resort and enjoy water-sports like surfing, boating, para-gliding, diving, and much more on Colva Beach.

You can spend a few days along with loved ones here and immerse in the pleasure of local cuisine, the sunshine, and the pleasure of keeping calm throughout the day.

Colva Beach is famous for the pubs, bars, restaurants, resorts, and the typical Goan Architecture that combines Portugal and Indian ideas to the best levels. The buildings across the beach and the nearby town, Salcete look tremendously attractive.

Dona Paula Beach, North Goa

Dona Paula Beach is famous as the Lovers’ Paradise in Goa. They named it after a Portuguese actress and it is among the most calm and quiet beaches in Goa.

I love to be here, especially in the evening. Most of the times, I could witness the local guys and girls signing western songs with guitar and some other musical instruments.

I remember a controversy about a Naphtha-filled vessel that was struck near this beach last year. Now, the beach is quite safe to travel and enjoy. Later, the gas was transferred in another vessel to avoid any mishap.

Dona Paula Beach hosts many upscale restaurants and resorts. The beach is just a 7 kilometres drive from Punjim, the capital of Goa. So, you can plan a day-trip to Dona Paula and go back to your hotel in Punjim.

Calangute Beach, North Goa

Beaches in Goa for perfect holidays
Beaches in Goa for perfect holidays
Image From: Unsplash by Rishabh Sagar

Calangute is one of my most favorite beaches in Goa for the crowd it attracts during Christmas and New Year Eve season and even during the month of May. Calangute is also among the largest and most visited beaches in Goa.

It attracts thousands of tourists from across India and abroad every year. The following video would show you the busy roads and market around the beach, the crowd on the beach, the fishery, and much more:

Calangute Beach, Goa
Video From: YouTube

Goa has given many famous musicians and singers to Indian Film & Television Industry. So, I would suggest you to visit pubs where local musicians perform. Again, don’t miss out on seafood and other Indian and Western recipes to make your taste-buds happy from time to time.

The Bottom Line

The beautiful beaches in Goa are the highlight of tourism in Goa. So, plan to spend as many days as possible sun-bathing across a seashore. Beaches in Goa bring a lot of joy through the climate, cuisine, music and much more. I would like to recommend these beaches to enjoy the essence of Goa.

Have you been to Goa? Would you like to explore the beaches in Goa? Let us know in the comments down below.

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