Take a step back into time with a Mackinac Island vacation package. Take in the history, the activities and cozy lodgings to make the most out of your visit!

The Grand Hotel from the Terrace, Mackinac Island
The Grand Hotel from the Terrace, Mackinac Island
Photo compliments of David Wilson

1. The History on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island (pronounced Mackinaw) is located on Lake Huron near the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. Now a resort island, Mackinac was once the home to an Odawa American Indian tribe and other indigenous cultures. It was the site of two battles during the War of 1812. Mackinac Island was also used as a trading post for the fur trade by the British.

The island has evolved into a tourist attraction, resort, and summer home to vacationers. Mackinac Island is both quaint and grand in its historical preservation measures. The measures include no autos, only bikes, and horse and carriage. The historic buildings are either restored and/or preserved. The island is now a National Historic Landmark and State Park.

2. The Places to Stay

Pine Cottage, Mackinac Island Home Rentals, Mackinac Resorts, and hotels are all options for lodging in Mackinac Island.

While there is no camping on Mackinac Island, camping is available on the mainland.

There are countless things to see and do on Mackinac Island. Staying in a bed and breakfast, condo, or hotel on the island is something you should save toward. But, many of the island’s sites are free. You can rent bikes or go hiking to see four miles of island nature. Watch incredible sunsets, take boat tours, visit spas, and go shopping!

3. The Things to See and Do:

For the history buff, the island is full of museums, historical buildings, and architecture. The architecture dates back to indigenous tribes and travels through 300 years of architectural history. For the taste tester, try Mackinac Island’s Winery (Island Winery, 312 S Huron Ave, Mackinaw City, MI.).

If you are a foodie, how about specialty foods, fudge, and ice-cream! Mackinac Island is well-known, especially in Michigan, for its homemade fudge and ice-cream. Don’t forget to explore all of the different shops as well!

Events: Many events have currently canceled for the summer of 2020. But, here is the Mackinac Island widget for future events: https://mackinacisland.visitwidget.com/

Tulips on Mackinac Island
Tulips on Mackinac Island
Photo compliments of Mandee Maroulistsas

Mackinac Island is a family-friendly island great for every kind of vacationer. No matter what your age or activity preference there is something to do for every member of the family. Book a Mackinac Island vacation package. You will be glad you did!

Would you like to visit Mackinac Island? What part would you enjoy the best?

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