Over the Mackinac Bridge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is St. Ignace. North and East visit the sites along Mackinac Trail. North West of the Mackinac Bridge visit the Mystery Spot!

Visit St. Ignace Waterfront Village North of the Mackinac Bridge, Upper Peninsula, Michigan.
Visit St. Ignace Waterfront Village North of the Mackinac Bridge, Upper Peninsula, Michigan.
Photo courtesy of Brett Schaberg

Just north of the Mackinac Bridge is the beginning of a world of things to do in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Head northeast up the Mackinac Trail to loop over the top of the Upper Peninsula. Or you can head west to loop over the other end of the Upper Peninsula. Either way, the loop takes you back to the Mackinac Bridge.

1. St. Ignace, Michigan

St. Ignace. The Historic Waterfront Village of St. Ignace, Michigan is the perfect stop before your adventure through the Upper Peninsula. Take the Shepler’s Ferry to Mackinac Island. Charter a fishing boat. Walk the historic district, or visit the public marina. Just North of the Waterfront Village you will find a mapped birding trail for a day of hiking in the Upper Peninsula.

2. Kewadin Casino, Upper Peninsula

Kewadin Casino. Straight north of the bridge along the Mackinac Trail you will find the Kewadin Casino. Book a room, cabin, or campsite. Play some games. Stay for an event. Eat great food! This casino has every accommodation you are looking for. Kewadin Casino is a chain. You will find the casinos scattered throughout the Upper Peninsula.

What is the Mystery Spot in the Upper Peninsula?
What is the Mystery Spot?
Photo compliments of freesvg

3. The Upper Peninsula Mystery Spot

The Mystery Spot. What’s at the Mystery Spot? I don’t know! It’s a mystery! I know that if you are traveling up the southwest side of the U.P. the Mystery Spot is a great location for a family break. Here are some things to do while you stretch your legs: Get a guided tour Play mini-golf Ride the zip lines Visit the gift shop. On Highway 2 visit the St. Ignace Golf and Country Club.

No matter what you do just north of the Mackinac Bridge, your list of options is endless. St. Ignace, just north of the Mackinac Bridge in the Upper Peninsula, is just the beginning of your Upper Peninsula adventures.

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