July 3 marks National Stay Out of the Sun Day, which reminds us annually to provide our skin with relief from the sweltering heat. To celebrate, I’ve developed 3 ways to bring the outside in while at home.

Photo of a girl facing the sun with one finger pointed to the sky. We can all sacrifice the sun for a day, especially if it's teaching us to look after our skin.
Just one day without the sun, can you manage it?
Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

It’s important that we take care of our skin. National Stay Out of the Sun Day encourages us to reflect on our relationship with our precious sun. It provides Vitamin D, keeps us warm, and allows us to enjoy being outside. Contrarily, we know the sun contributes to ageing by damaging skin cells through UV rays.

National Stay Out of the Sun Day reminds us to be careful, reinstating the importance of protecting our skin against sun damage. Continue reading for ideas on how we can celebrate nature by bringing the outside in while at home. Let’s enjoy our staycation and be sun safe!

Explore Nature From Home

Photo of a TV showing 'Netflix' being loaded. There are many documentaries which look at nature and wildlife, showing how you can bring the outside in while at home.
Take in nature from the comfort of your home.
Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

Stay out of the sun and connect with the outdoors by watching wildlife/nature documentaries. David Attenborough, need I say any more? Frozen Planet and Blue Planet are my favourites, but anything he presents is a wonderful way to learn about animals, climate change, and ecosystems. Such documentaries aim to fascinate and educate on parts of nature we might otherwise not know and are a superb way to bring the outside in when at home.

I’m not encouraging you to sit all day and watch TV (we’re all guilty!) but consider this an option, especially with children whose eyes will grow wide with all the knowledge. It’s free education from home, keeps you out of the sun, and well worth sinking into the sofa and having a cuppa over.

Workout From Home

Photo of pink gym equipment, such as a mat and dumbbells, which can be used at home.
Avoid going outside, why not create a gym at home?
Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash

We’ve all learned how to do more from home recently. This includes attempting home workouts here or there while we have the time. I’ve been loving Joe Wicks’s (AKA The Body Coach) home sessions on YouTube. He also created a ‘PE With Joe’ series during lock-down to keep the nation fit. He’s fantastically energetic and focuses on short, snappy workouts to get your heart-rate soaring at home, without equipment.

If you’re looking for something slower, why not allow the calming elements of nature to enter your household through steady yoga? Try Spotify’s ‘Nature Sounds’ playlist while you do. Sit on your mat at home, close your eyes and imagine you’re outside as you listen to the nature audio. The sky’s the limit with home workouts, it’s all about trial and error. Escape the sun and try a workout at home!

Invite Nature to Your Home

Photo of a small bird pecking at food attached to a bird house. This is a great way to invite wildlife to your home.
Watch the outside from home as nature continues in your absence.
Photo by Christian Linnemann on Unsplash

Observe the outside from your window by allowing wildlife to reveal themselves at home. The stillness of your outside space will probably invite some guests with the right things in place. Plant flowers to attract bees, buy a house to attract birds, even add a water feature if you have space to entice frogs and dragonflies. By diversifying your ecosystem you can observe nature from home at its rawest while doing the day’s chores.

This is great if you’re not one to watch TV as it allows you to make your own real-life documentary. When I was younger, I would stare outside as birds bathed in my Grandma’s birdbath. I remember trying to stay as still as a statue, fearing if they caught me they would fly away. Nature is pure and uninterrupted like this; a pleasure to watch from home.


There are plenty of ways we can celebrate National Stay Out of the Sun Day. I hope it has inspired you to avoid the sun on July 3 or take steps to protect yourself against it. Don’t worry if you go outside, just be aware and considerate. Your home is a wonderful place that can be as versatile as you make it. Bringing the outside indoors is an excellent way to celebrate this day, but also to practice looking at home as a hybrid, a place where anything is possible.

Have you ever heard of National Stay Out Of The Sun Day before? How will you be celebrating it? Here are some more articles to make the best out of your staycation at home!

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