There’s nothing better than mapping out where you want to travel. A lot of us will buy travel guides to help us along the way. There’s no reason your travel guide book can’t have a story with it, too.

Travel guide books are a great resource for all travelers
Travel guide books are a great resource for all travelers
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Travel guide books that tell stories help us connect with those around us.

Regular travel guide books are wonderful to have for information. Yet, reading something with a story behind it makes your travel all the more fulfilling. You can let the author guide you through their travels and walk in their shoes. These are four of our favorite travel guide books that tell a story.

1. Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across the World—Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman

Long Way Round by Ewan McGregor & Charlie Boorman, a great travel guide book
Long Way Round by Ewan McGregor & Charlie Boorman
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Long Way Round is the incredible story of actor Ewan McGregor and TV presenter Charley Boorman traveling around the world. After looking at a map, McGregor and Boorman realized they could travel on motorcycles all the way around the globe. They would only have one section they couldn’t ride, a brief jump across the Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska. The trip doesn’t come without troubles, though. The trip pushes them to their limits, and they have some strange encounters along the way. They travel over 20,000 miles in four months and experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip. They captured their story with photos and diary entries, then compiled everything into this book. This is an excellent travel guide for anyone looking for adventure on a large scale.

2. No Touch Monkey!: And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late—Ayun Halliday

No Touch Monkey! by Ayun Halliday, a great travel guide book
No Touch Monkey! by Ayun Halliday
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In this travel guide book, Ayun Halliday hilariously shares lessons she’s learned during her travels. Somehow, she seems to always end up in bizarre situations, and she tells of those travels through witty writing and line drawings. Amsterdam, Vietnam, and Romania are just a few of the locations that Halliday details in her book. This is a great travel guide book if you are someone who finds humor when things go awry.

3. Bizarre England: Discover the Country’s Secrets and Surprises—David Long

Bizarre England by David Long, a great travel guide book
Bizarre England by David Long
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Bizarre England is not your typical travel guide book. It won’t tell you about the best cafes near Buckingham Palace or how old Big Ben is. It will, however, give you a great map to travel to the most eccentric buildings, monuments, and everything in between. With Britain’s smallest pub and a church for dragon slayers being two of the many suggestions, this guide book gives quirky destinations you’ll love. This guide book is perfect for anyone that wants to travel to lesser known places and is a fan of the peculiar.

4. Tokyo On Foot—Florent Chavouet

Tokyo On Foot by Florent Chavouet, a great travel guide book
Tokyo On Foot by Florent Chavouet
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Tokyo On Foot tells the story of graphic artist, Florent Chavouet’s six-month exploration of Japan’s neighborhoods. Every day, he set out with a sketchbook and pencils and traveled to a new neighborhood. He sketched each neighborhood he visited, giving readers of the book a view into the beauty and peculiarity of Tokyo. This is an exceptional travel guide for anyone that wants to explore a city’s story that tourists and travelers rarely see.

What’s your favorite travel guide that also tells a story? Let us know in the comments!