Every step you take while traveling should be done in comfortable and durable shoes. Get the wrong pair and you could pay for it down the line. Continue reading for my 4 ultimate traveling shoes.

You can't beat traveling in hiking shoes. Photo of three different people wearing hiking shoes.
What shoes will you choose for your next traveling adventure?
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You will do a lot of steps when traveling, so why not make every step exceptional by starting with a good pair of shoes? Some may prefer to learn the hard way, but investing a little bit more will save you time and money down the road. It can be a difficult decision at first, as there are so many types of shoe to choose from. You may want comfortable but stylish shoes, durable but without looking bulky.

Fear not, I’m here to help you choose the best pair of traveling shoes for any trip. These shoes are all affordable and practical, so please continue reading for my 4 ultimate traveling shoes.

Shoe #1: The Casual Sneaker

Photo of someone wearing a pair of sneakers. They are the ultimate stylish traveling shoes.
My ultimate traveling shoe
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A classic pair of sneakers suit almost any kind of climate (perhaps not the Arctic). You can opt for sporty looking ones like I did (Nike Flex RN 2018) or go for a more trendy pair from Converse or Superga. I did all my walking in sneakers. Everyday sneaker prices have crept up in recent years to match demand, but also because of their quality. I trained for and complete a half marathon while traveling. I still have the shoes, albeit a little worse for wear.

My point is, you really can’t go wrong here. All I would suggest is that you buy a sensible color, and if you opt for white, make sure they wipe clean easily. You could climb a mountain, partying the night away or out on a day trip; this shoe is as versatile as an egg.

Shoe #2: Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are a great shoes for durability when traveling. Photo of a person's feet while wearing hiking shoes.
A classic traveling shoe
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The humble hiking boot is a classic on-the-go shoe. The phrase ‘tough as old boots’ makes me think of trusty hiking shoes. While I’ve never used these boots myself, I have friends who would never travel without them. Designed for active travelers, these shoes promise support and durability. Just please remember to purchase them before traveling so you can break them in!

This is definitely a more expensive shoe, and what you can cover in these, you can usually cover in sneakers. But, if you’re after a tougher construction and plan to cover challenging terrain, these shoes will become your new best friend. When wearing other shoes, simple tie these to your backpack for the effortless vagabond look.

Shoe #3: Teva Sandals

Sandals are great traveling shoes for hot climates. Photo of a woman wearing these shoes with the sea in the background.
Sandals are a must for traveling it hot climates
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Teva shoes are having a moment. A ton of people wore these while I was traveling, and I can see why. They trump the classic Birkenstock for their design to stay on once put on. This is great if you’re not needing to take your shoes on and off all the time. These shoes are super lightweight and mold to fit the shape of your foot, making them entirely individual. If you fancy a shoe with more oomph, check out their cool patterns online for a pair of stylish traveling shoes. They’re great for hot climates mainly, and looking at online reviews, one woman says,

Great for hiking, playing in the river or walking around town. Super cute shoes too!

Review from Bridget on Teva

Shoe #4: Crocs

Photo of crocs - the ultimate traveling shoe. Photo of lots of these shoes with labels in, ready to be sold.
Possibly my favourite shoe ever invented!
Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Yep, I’ve gone there. Please hear me out, because there was once a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead in crocs! While this shoe may not be the most stylish, they really are great for traveling. Why? Well, they’re light-weight, adjustable, and can be bought in almost every color imaginable. If you’re in water, they’ll protect your feet but also fling to the surface should your foot come loose.

Slip these shoes on and off easily when going through airport security. Warm your feet up by adding socks. If they get dirty, they wipe clean. They’re indestructible and breathable. I mean, the list goes on and on. Crocs are not a shoe to be overlooked.


So, here’s some SHOE (get it, aha!) for thought. Traveling can only be done with your best foot forward, so why not find the shoes to facilitate this? Let me know; what shoes are your holy grail when traveling?

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