Whether you’re stuck in a 9-5 job, that’s just not working out, or your kids have left home and you’re looking for a new experience; teaching English in Vietnam is for you.

An image of children playing and smiling in Vietnam.
Children playing in Cao Lãnh, Vietnam,
Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

Yes, even you sitting at home reading this with no experience, as long as English is your native tongue, you can teach English in Vietnam!

Vietnam is an incredible country. While maintaining generations of culture and heritage, Vietnam opens its arms to the developing world. I taught beside wonderful people from all walks of life. We lived together, worked together, and expereienced the beautiful chaos of Vietnam by taking every opportunity to travel. If you’re a native English speaker up for a life-changing travel experience, keep reading for my top 4 reasons you should think about applying to teach in Vietnam.

1: You don’t need ANY teaching experience

This was what got my attention at first. I could travel to Vietnam to teach English with absolutely no experience? The ultimate travel experience!

The requirements to teach in Vietnam are: A bachelor’s degree of any kind, passing a police check, and attaining a TEFL (Teaching English in a Foreign Language) certificate. The two former requirements are easy to sort, as long as you aren’t a criminal and you’ve completed college/university. The latter is an online teaching certificate which you can sign up to and carry out in your own time online. Websites such as www.tefl.org and www.i-to-i.com offer these.

2: You can travel alone, or join an internship

There’s a lot of information out there about whether it’s better to get the teaching certificate, turn up in Vietnam, and find work yourself. Lots of people teach in Vietnam using this route. I was fresh out of university with no solo travel experience. Nervous to attack visas, accommodation, and all those complicated parts myself, I googled how to teach as part of a group experience.

By applying for a semester teaching position in Vietnam, the hard work was all done for me. All I had to do was turn up in Vietnam, meet my English-speaking colleagues, and teach in schools waiting for me. Vietnam welcomes all those who wish to teach. Be brave! Jump into the experience and enjoy the ride.

3: Students in Vietnam will LOVE you

Your students in Vietnam will appreaciate the cultural exchange!
Your students in Vietnam will appreaciate the cultural exchange!
Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

It’s true­–I was everyone’s new English best friend. In Vietnam, they respect their teachers, even having ‘Teacher’s Day’ as a national holiday. I received beautiful gifts and words of appreciation from my students. It was a wonderful experience and a fond memory of Vietnam.

As a teacher in Vietnam, you will experience some crazy things. Depending on their age, you will have students climbing on you, drawing you pictures, giving you unique foods, and much more. Everyone’s experiences are unique. There is never a dull moment when you teach in Vietnam. I taught high-school students, which was an experience, but they worked hard and loved a dynamic board race game against other members of the class.

When I left Vietnam, I had many follow requests from my students on Instagram. They were a pleasure to teach. They want to know everything about you as their foreign teacher. It would be their dream to experience travel as I did. I hope one day they do.

4: Travel, teach, and gain experience at the same time

For myself and most of my teaching friends, it was our first time in Vietnam. What drew us in was the opportunity to work and travel concurrently. Mostly, you teach Monday to Friday, and have the weekend to experience things and travel the exotic and beautiful surroundings Vietnam offers.

I was hired to teach in the Northern Vietnam city of Haiphong, with Ha Long Bay less than an hour’s drive East, and the capital, Hanoi, and hour’s travel West. Wherever you are in Vietnam, there are travel opportunities. It really is the perfect cocktail of excitement and experience, all the while teaching English to Vietnam’s lovely children.

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