Now you can pack up your travelling bags again and book your flight to your favourite destination as many countries are removing the travel bans from their visas.

The travel ban is being lifted around the world as visa centers reopen.
The travel ban is being lifted around the world as visa centers reopen.
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The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has paused the whole world. People all around the world are not going out of their houses anymore. The pandemic has affected the tourism industry the most among all the other economic sectors.  Countries are reopening their visa centers and lifting travel bans. However, a few of the limitations are still to be followed to ensure the safety of the passengers despite the visa and travel changes.

1. Turkey uplifting the travel bans

Turkey is one of the countries who has declared that it will obliterate the visas for the five Schengen countries and the UK only. It has still not decided to take off the ban completely. As they are not ready to take the risk at this huge level. The main idea behind removing the ban was to create tourism potential.

Turkey has exempted the visas for Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Belgian, Spain and the UK. Excempting these visas allows these countries to visit them for a short time without getting a tourist visa on a prior basis. Apart from these countries, Turkey has resumed its visas for India as well.

2. Portugal resumes its visas

Portugal is another country who has recommenced its visa from 16th June 2020 particularly for the temporary stay only. Apart from it, it has also opened the residence visas as well but in limited numbers. It is yet to open student visa, family reunification, visa for research or academic purpose or entrepreneurial visa. However, officials are considering the opening of these visas as well, since the COVID-19 condition in Portugal is under control. 

Nevertheless, Portugal policies for temporary visas are quite perplexing. A temporary visa for medical emergency or to accompany a sick person will be released only in serious and urgent cases. Same is the case with the evacuated person’s accompanying visa. They will issue the visa only when their presence is contemplated indispensable.

3. Malaysia’s suspended visa

Malaysia is still not ready to welcome foreigners to their country as they have extended it’s the Recovery Phase of Movement Control Order until 31st August 2020. Their travel ban still stands.The government, however, is yet to announce a new date for the issuance of visas for the non-nationals.

Visas are available for certain purposes despite travel bans.
Visas are available for certain purposes despite travel bans.
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4. The UK reopening its Visa Centers

The UK is one of the countries who did impose travel bans for a long time. They believed that they would have to live with this disease and it is almost impossible to avoid it with travel bans and visa restrictions. Nonetheless, today the UK is planning to remove the travel bans from eight countries.

On 22nd June 2020, UK immigration and visa has started a phased renewal of their services in a few of the application centers. Cambodia, Brunei, China, Japan, are a few of many countries who can apply for UK visa.

5. Denmark closes its visas

Denmark has still not resumed its visa process for the non-nationals to visit their country as they are religiously practising social distancing and other SOPs. Only the visa applications that were submitted before March 2020 are expected to be processed. Expect Denmark to continue travel bans and visa restrictions.

Conclusion on bans and visas

The recent pandemic has transformed the whole world; there is no doubt about it how it has changed our summer travel plans. Our homes have become our safe haven, and due to coronavirus travel restrictions, there is no travel unless necessary.

Steadily, the countries are lifting the bans on their visas, and we hope to see more countries following this practice. We cannot wait for the day when we can travel without any social distancing and covering our faces with the mask.

Till then practice all the SOPs for you and your loved one’s safety.  

How do you feel about travel bans being lifted? Do you think we should? Or are you timid about bans lifting? Let us know in the comments down below.

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