Known for its beaches, bustling nightlife, and restaurants, we also know Barcelona, Spain for its cultural scene. There is an abundance of museums and art galleries to visit while in the beautiful city.

Barcelona: A City of Cultural Wonder

Barcelona boasts an exciting nightlife and the social scene which may draw you to visit, but the Catalan capital is overflowing with a cultural scene, too. The art, culture, and architecture are breathtaking; full of historical, artistic, and cultural talent that will captivate anyone with an appetite to discover them.

Chose wisely, as you cannot rush a visit to an art gallery or museum. The unique part of the museums on the list is that their exterior and surrounding suburb is an exhibition all on their own. With sprawling gardens, or outdoor exhibits and city views, give each their own day to explore along with their surrounding Barcelona neighborhoods.

These are our favorite museums that you just have to incorporate into your visit to Barcelona and will become your vacation memory makers.

Museum 1: Museum of Contemporary Modern Art (MACBA)

With four levels, this place could keep you entertained and engaged for hours! The Museum of Modern Contemporary Art has an abundance of contemporary artwork and exhibitions in Barcelona. Each floor or gallery usually has a theme. Expect thought-provoking artwork with powerful messages and commentary on society and the human condition.

Richard Meier designed the museum, which cost roughly $35 million to complete, and was only completed in 1995. This Barcelona museum offers visitors over 5000 captivating pieces of contemporary art.

Museum 2: Picasso Museum

If you are a fan of Picasso and the Cubist art movement, or not: this Barcelona museum one should be on your list. A large curation of his life’s work, the museum is a visual exhibition of Picasso’s life’s work.

The suburb surrounding the museum, The Gothic Quarter is reason enough to visit the area while in Barcelona. They waive the admission fee on Sundays, meaning you have no excuse not to visit.

Museum 3: The Museum of the History of Catalonia

The building is a sight to behold! This Barcelona museum is on top of the Montjuïc hill, which offers unique views of the city. The National Art Museum of Catalonia hosts several permanent exhibitions including Romanesque, Moderisme, and Noucentisme works. The museum also has one of the most well-stocked archives of Spanish history, with manuscripts dating as far back as 1493.

Even if you do not have time to explore the exhibitions, just a visit to this Barcelona building should be on your list of things to do.

Museum 4: Fundació Joan Miró

This Barcelona museum comprises a permanent exhibition of Joan Miró’s art. The museum is simplistic in its design, leaving the artwork to speak volumes. Designed by the man himself, you will navigate through Miró’s work as he intended. From his canvas work to the elaborate art sculptures, it will leave you with a new appreciation for his work.

While visiting the art gallery, be sure to check out the attractions in the vicinity. It’s worth visiting Teatre Grec, Palauet Albéniz, and the Telefèric de Montjuïc which is a cable car that takes you to a spectacular viewpoint of the city of Barcelona.

Museum 5: The Museum of the History of Barcelona

 The Museu d’Història de Barcelona showcases Barcelona’s Roman ruins that were accidentally discovered in the 1920s when the suburb of the Gothic quarter was excavated to make room for a new avenue.

This Barcelona museum exhibits the archaeological excavation as they discovered it. It includes artifacts of silver, glass, gold, and stone, ceramics and coins found at the archaeological wonder.

The archaeological exhibits at this Barcelona museum.
The archaeological exhibits at this Barcelona museum.
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

There is an abundance of art museums, cultural activities to see and do while in Barcelona. Put at least one on your itinerary for your trip, see the exhibitions in the museums and you won’t be disappointed.

Would you like to visit Barcelona? Which of these museums or exhibitions would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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