Mozambique is a beautiful country in Africa. It boasts a tropical climate with magnificent beaches. It is what summer vacation dreams are made of.

The endless white sandy beaches and tropical waters of Mozambique.
The endless white sandy beaches and tropical waters of Mozambique
Photo by Eplleseed

Mozambique is a Tropical Paradise

With crystal clear waters, miles and miles of white soft sandy beaches, Mozambique is a top Indian ocean vacation decision. Mozambique offers more than just a beautiful coastline. It has a vibrant African culture and incredible seafood.

The Indian Ocean offers an abundance of seafood from prawns to fresh fish, lobster, and mussels. They have just about everything. With a strong Portuguese influence in the country, a lot of their food is cooked Portuguese style. If you are a fan of spice, you will love Mozambique cuisine.

The Mozambicans share a common culture in their love and expression of song, poetry, dynamic dance, and performance. Known especially for their marimba culture, the unique sounds and traditional dances will have you enchanted. Be sure to experience a marimba band concert while visiting this African tropical paradise.

The Tropical Islands

Bazaruto Island, Mozambique.
Bazaruto Island, Mozambique
Photo by Flickr

Picture yourself in an untouched tropical paradise where tropical jungle leads onto the endless white sand and into aqua blue warm ocean water. When you define relaxation, this is it! The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of 6 islands just off the coast of Mozambique. The cluster of islands is what vacation dreams are made of. If nothing else, these islands are the reason to visit Mozambique.

The islands are a short boat ride from the mainland of Mozambique. There are only a few options for accommodation, but they are all affordable. An alternative choice is to visit via a cruise line. You can leave from Durban, South Africa, and experience a week at sea, where the ship travels to these tropical islands.

The islands lie within Bazaruto National Park, which protects the rare marine animals and the lush coral reefs. The wild jungle and wetlands of Benguerra Island are home to all sorts of creatures and amazing birdlife. Be sure to venture off the sand and into the lush forest that surrounds the island beaches.

The Incredible Sea Life of Mozambique

Within the crystal clear waters of Mozambique lies Two Mile Reef. This is home to some of the best sea life sites in the world! If you don’t want to scuba dive, you can snorkel around and still see The Aquarium, a vast protected natural pool.

You will have some of your most memorable dives or snorkels while in Mozambique. Expect to see some spectacular marine life. The Aquarium is a protected area and home to endangered species like whale sharks, manta rays, humpback whales, and the very rare Dugong. There are also turtles, marlin, and an enormous variety of fish in the park.

The coral reefs of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique are known for being incredibly varied. These coral reefs are renowned throughout the world as the least disturbed in this part of the Indian Ocean.

Uembje Lagoon

Sunset over the Uembje Lagoon
Sunset over the Uembje Lagoon
Photo by Michael Dos Santos

The Uembje Lagoon is north of the capital city, Maputo, in the Xai Xai district. It has a multitude of hotels and resorts on its shores, and with so much to do there, it’s worth staying. Situated right next to the beach, it’s the best spot to enjoy the best of both worlds, beach, and lagoon.

The lagoon is a brilliant place for adventurous travelers and those who like water sports.  The lagoon’s shores are surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and lush vegetation. It may even be mistaken for one of Mozambique’s tropical beaches.

If you enjoy water skiing, kayaking, or windsurfing, this is your one-stop destination for it all. If you are less adventurous, it is also great for swimming and snorkeling. The clear water means you can spot a variety of fish and sea life.

The Seafood Cuisine Is out of This World

Go with an appetite for seafood because Mozambique is famous for its quality of fresh fish and seafood. With a Portuguese heritage, their influence runs deep within the country. The influence is felt in dishes with a peri-peri (hot and spicy) flavor. And peri-peri is used on almost everything from prawns to chicken to fish and even on fries!

Fresh seafood is abundant at local fish markets. But you don’t have to travel far, as local fishermen will sell fresh produce to you at your Airbnb or self-catering accommodation. Be sure to complete your experience of the country by buying fresh seafood and cooking it at your resort or holiday accommodation. You do not get fresher or tastier!

The Gorongosa National Park

 Sunset in the National Park.
Sunset in the National Park
Photo by Flickr

The Gorongosa National Park is a unique safari adventure. The park is one of the wildest and most unspoiled national parks in Africa. It has a wide range of landscapes and is a preserved area in the Great Rift Valley of central Mozambique

The forests and savannahs are homes to wild animals like lions, hippos, and elephants. The park boasts a beautiful waterfall, the multitiered Murombodzi Falls, which spills over jagged rocks on the slopes of Mount Gorongosa. It’s a one-stop-shop for a truly African experience.

Elephant and Zebra at a watering hole
Photo by Mozambique – Geo Safaris

Mozambique offers a truly African experience. From white sandy beaches that offer great snorkeling to water sports, you’re bound to be entertained. You can get the best of both worlds by seeing spectacular wildlife both inland and at sea. Mozambique is a fantastic destination and should be on your bucket list.