Airports are pretty much alternate realities. So, if you’re stranded at an airport and bored out of your skull, here are five reasons why your current situation is actually pretty great.

Airport lobby with shops
Photo from Naim Benjelloun on pexels

1. Airports Have No Rules

Okay, there are rules at the airport and you should definitely follow TSA guidelines when it comes to them. With societal rules, however, airports are actually quite generous.

A man in a cheap suit drinking alone at a bar with a suitcase is pretty sad if you’re downtown. At the airport, it’s Tuesday. That kid curled up asleep on the floor, backpack for a pillow and a coat for a blanket? He’s not homeless: someone bought him a ticket to do that.

If you’re bored at the airport, look at all the people around you. Why are they there? Eavesdrop. Create backstories if you need to. Why not? You’re stranded and bored.

2. It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Be Drunk At 9 am

Everyone at the airport falls into one of three categories: they’re either on vacation, bored, or stressed out. The beauty is, if you’re a responsible adult over the age of 21, airports have plenty of bars at your disposal.

No one will judge you for it, because you’re stranded at the airport and there is very little else to do.

3. The Airport Is One Giant Shopping Mall

And it’s full of the tackiest merchandise you would never even entertain the idea of purchasing under normal circumstances. The last thing you need right now is a keychain or an airport magazine you’ll read once.

Except that it’s exactly what you need right now because you’re bored at the airport.

Chances are if you’re traveling through international airports, you have excess foreign cash. Pro-tip: US banks don’t take foreign-coin. If they take foreign bills, they most likely charge a fee for conversion, shipping, or both because it’s risky. You know what doesn’t do any of that? That airport coffee mug. You know what your mother would love? That airport coffee mug.

4. None Of Your Problems Can Find You When You’re Stranded At The Airport

Your boss called and the office is on fire? There is literally nothing you can do about it when stranded at the airport. So why stress?

Only so many problems that can be solved through the Internet and your ex has to go through TSA to get to you. Sorry, didn’t get your message, is totally viable if you’re at the airport. For all they know, your phone was off because that’s what airplane mode is for and you’re a responsible adult.

5. Airport Anonymity Is Pretty Great

Nobody at the airport knows you or cares that you exist. Frightening to some; liberating to others. You can be anyone you want to be at the airport and no one will ever know the difference. So if you’re stranded and bored, entertain yourself.

I have TSA PreCheck so I like to pretend that I’m a big shot. I like to sit at the airport bar with my fancy MacBook, drink cheap airport Prosecco, and work on my novel like I’m Stephen-freaking-King.

The thing about airports is nobody wants to be at the airport. Except maybe me- I did write an entire article on why they’re are great. If you’re bored and stranded the airport, remember: you’re an adventurer.

If that isn’t enough, pop a comment down below on how you kill time at the airport and be sure to check back in with Aroono for all your travel boredom needs!