It’s looking like we’ll be staying at home more than usual this summer. Make your backyard your new favorite destination by transforming it with these fun ideas.

backyard staycation
Beautiful backyard staycation
Photo by Shaun Montero on Unsplash

1. Warm up on summer nights by a backyard fire pit

Fire pits are either portable or permanent to best fit the layout of your backyard.

  • Research the backyard fire pit safety guidelines for your area.
  • Mark a dividing line around the fire pit so people don’t get too close.
  • Look at the weather report and make sure it’s not too windy for a fire.
  • Buy roasting sticks to toast s’mores, hot dogs, or bread.
backyard staycation
Make your home a tent in the backyard
Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash

2. Pitch a tent and set up a backyard campground

Camping out in the backyard has all the fun of camping in the woods, but you can also head back inside at midnight to your own comfortable bed.

  • Purchase a tent that will fit the entire family.
  • Toast some s’mores on your backyard grill.
  • Sing campfire songs and tell ghost stories.
  • Share a portable DVD player for outdoor movies.
backyard staycation
Summer fun staycation in your backyard
Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

3. Cool off all summer long with a staycation splash pad

A portable splash pad is easy to set up, comes in fun designs, and will give your kids hours of enjoyment.

  • Shop around for the best splash pad to meet your family’s needs.
  • Place your splash pad in a flat area of your backyard.
  • Splash pads are generally safe but you should still talk with your kids about safety rules.
  • Buy some new swim suits for the kids to wear for their new splash pad.
backyard staycation
Fun staycation drinks at your backyard tiki bar
Photo by Kaizen Nguyễn on Unsplash

4. Create staycation cocktails at a backyard tiki bar

Set up a tiki bar in your backyard either using supplies on hand such as a tall table and bar stools or buy a pre-made tiki bar.

backyard staycation
Watch the birds in your backyard
Photo by Wilfried Santer on Unsplash

5. Make a birdhouse and learn about your feathered backyard visitors

It’s easy to make your own birdhouse and then sit back and watch all the different types of birds that come to feed at it.

  • Buy a birdhouse making kit that is geared to your child’s age.
  • Talk with your local specialty bird store about the best bird seed to buy.
  • Get a bird book from your local library or bookstore to identify the various types.
  • Find a pair of binoculars so you can watch the birds from afar.

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