Covid-19 has postponed travel temporarily, and so getting ready for your next trip may leave you forgetting how to pack. Here are 5 travel essentials you shouldn’t forget on vacation.

Don't forget to include these items when you pack for your next trip.
Don’t forget to include these items when you pack for your next trip.
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Travel Essentials for Vacation Travel

Whether you are traveling for work or vacation, you need certain staple items in your luggage to make life easier. During a global pandemic, sanitizer and a mask should be number one on your list.

As borders open and travel restrictions lift, packing for a trip may seem like something you last did a lifetime ago for vacation. If you have these essential items (along with the staples) in your luggage, you will travel just fine.

Packing your essentials correctly is the first step to an enjoyable trip.
Packing your essentials correctly is the first step to an enjoyable trip.
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Comfortable Walking Shoes for Travel

Nothing will hinder your travel experience more than having sore or tired feet on vacation. You walk twice as much while on vacation exploring somewhere new, so make sure you pack comfortable sneakers to get you through each day.

The shoes you pack should not be brand new, or too old and worn down. Pack in a pair or two you have already walked in, that you don’t mind getting a little dirty and ones that will outlast your vacation. The last thing you want is a pair that will break or let you down mid-vacation.

Never forget to pack your essential favorite sneakers,
Never forget to pack your essential favorite sneakers.
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A Power Bank is Essential

Almost everything is battery powered and requires charging. A large capacity power bank with dual ports will be your best friend while traveling. There is nothing worse than your phone dying on you while you travel in a foreign town or country.

You should have your portable charging devices on you at all times on vacation. Therefore, choosing one can be a daunting task. They will sell most with a mAh measurement (that’s milliampere-hour) to show how much power they have. It is essential to buy a power bank more powerful than your phone to charge your phone two to three times before you need to recharge the power bank.

A Reusable Water Bottle for Vacation

A cost-effective, eco-friendly way to stay hydrated. This one is especially useful for long-haul flights. Never travel without one for vacation or work.

These days airlines give you minuscule tubs of water when you travel. It is vital to stay hydrated on a flight. If you have your own bottle, they can fill it up on a service run. There are millions of single-use plastic water bottles that land up in the ocean every day. Rather, buy water in bulk and top up your water bottle before you leave each morning. Travel responsibly!

A reusable water bottle is essential when traveling.
A reusable water bottle can be your best investment when traveling.
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Headphones for Travel

A must-have, and seemingly obvious item on vacation. But it may be the easiest one to forget. Headphones allow you to escape into your own world when you travel. This essential item is an effortless way to pass the time by listening to a podcast or music, allowing your hands to be free.

They are also a magnificent tool for privacy. People are less likely to approach you or talk to you on the plane or on your commute when you are plugged in, giving you some peace. This is a vacation must!

A Windbreaker with a Hood

This may seem like a strange one, but it’s one of those lightweight items that come in handy. No matter the climate of your destination, a windbreaker is essential. You’d be surprised how often you will use one as you travel.

The best kind are the ones that fold up and come with their own travel bag. You can easily pack it into your everyday travel bag or backpack. Do not forget a windbreaker on vacation!

There is nothing worse when you travel than being caught in a downpour without protection. Or if you go on a day trip and your destination is windier than expected. They are also very useful to waterproof or protect your belongings if you find yourself on a boat or in a water park on vacation.

Windbreakers are an essential item to pack for a vacation in unpredictable climates.
Windbreakers are an essential item to pack for a vacation in unpredictable climates.
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The Usual Suspects for Vacation

This list does not include your other essential items, that you must also never forget to pack, like your passport! Always have identification and passports when you travel or go on vacation.

What items are essential to you when you travel? What items are essential to you on vacation? What do you never travel without? Let us know in the comments below!

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