You can view spectacular Victoria Falls from multiple vantage points from the land, air, or water. You can see the falls from both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Victoria Falls from Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe.
View of Victoria Falls from Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe.
Photo by Emily Dalamangas

Victoria Falls is a magnificent waterfall located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa. It is the largest waterfall in the world based on width and height. Local tribes call Victoria Falls “Mosi-o-Tunya” which means “the smoke that thunders” because of the loud sound and heavy spray it gives off. Stunning Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Victoria Falls View: Microlight

Victoria Falls
A microlight soars over Victoria Falls.
Photo by Livingstone’s Adventure

A microlight is an open-air plane that has two seats for the pilot and the passenger. Microlight tours leave in the early morning or late afternoons from the Zambia side of Victoria Falls. Flights generally last 15 to 30 minutes depending on how much of the surrounding area you want to see.

Most microlight companies don’t allow you to bring your own camera for safety reasons but have the plane equipped with an on-board camera to take photos for you. Check the local weather since it’s not safe to operate microlights during fair weather or high winds.

Victoria Falls View: Victoria Falls Bridge

Victoria Falls Bridge that connects Zimbabwe and Zambia.
The Victoria Falls Bridge connects Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Photo by Emily Dalamangas

The Victoria Falls Bridge is slightly downstream from Victoria Falls. The 112-year-old bridge measures 650 feet in length and stands 400 feet above the river.

The Victoria Falls Bridge extends across the Zambezi River and connects the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Make sure you have your passport and the right visas to travel between the two countries.

You can take the Historic Bridge Tour or for thrill-seekers, you can walk along the catwalks under the bridge to see its construction. If you’re looking for even more adventure, you can also go bungee jumping, ride the giant swing, or try the slide from the bridge.

Victoria Falls View: Devil’s Pool

Devil's Pool on the edge of Victoria Falls.
Devil’s Pool on the edge of Victoria Falls.
Photo by Zambia Tourism

Devil’s Pool is a natural rock swimming pool on a ledge next to Victoria Falls. Peer over the edge of Devil’s Pool for dramatic views of the Falls. It is a thrilling and somewhat scary experience that is best left to the adventurous traveler.

Devil’s Pool is accessible via Livingstone Island. Devil’s Pool is usually open between August and January when the Zambezi River’s water levels are lower to more easily reach Livingstone Island. It is highly recommended that you use a reputable tour company with the proper safety precautions since there have been incidents in the past.

Victoria Falls View: Victoria Falls National Park

Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe.
A rainbow at Victoria Falls is viewed from Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe.
Photo by Emily Dalamangas

The Victoria Falls National Park is located in Zimbabwe. You will get wet from the spray from the Falls, especially when the water levels are high from about March to June. You can rent a poncho to stay dry and to cover your camera. There is a trail through the Park with several viewing points to stop at for the best looks at the Falls.

Viewpoint Six offers the best views of Devil’s Cataract and Viewpoint Seven for the ideal photos of the main Falls. You’ll also see a statue of David Livingstone, the explorer who is believed to have been the first European to view Victoria Falls in 1855.

Victoria Falls View: Helicopter Tour

Victoria Falls from helicopter view.
View of Victoria Falls from a helicopter.
Photo by Emily Dalamangas

To get spectacular aerial views of Victoria Falls, you can use a helicopter. Several operators in Zambia and Zimbabwe offer helicopter tours. The tour companies will transfer you to and from your hotel. The flight lasts 15 to 30 minutes and the length of the flight influences the cost.

The helicopters carry two to six passengers. Trips soar over the Falls plus the Zambezi River, the Batoka Gorge, and other nearby areas. Remember to practice safety measures when boarding and leaving the helicopter to avoid the rotating blades.  

There is an ongoing debate over whether it is better to view Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe or Zambia. Victoria Falls comprises five individual waterfalls with four of them (Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls, and Horseshoe Falls) located in Zimbabwe and the fifth, Eastern Cataract, in Zambia. Approximately 80% of the falls are viewable on the Zimbabwe side compared to about 25 to 30% from the Zambia side. Wherever you choose to view Victoria Falls, you’ll have unforgettable memories of this splendid natural wonder.