You fly for leisure or business and get your baggage on your arrival. Think of the panic if you don’t find your bags on the conveyor. What do you do if your baggage is missing or delayed? Let’s look at the procedure.

Missing or Delayed Baggage - Tips to Recover
Baggage for air journey
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Most of the times, airlines try to send your checked baggage in the same flight. Yet, sometimes mistakes may happen. You may not see your checked baggage on arrival.

Here are the things you need to do to recover your delayed or missing baggage:

Understand Airline Liability to Trace Your Missing Baggage:

Missing your baggage on arrival brings many issues. Don’t panic. The first thing you need to understand that you are not responsible for your missing baggage.

The airline would be responsible to trace your delayed baggage.

There is no point arguing with the airline staff at the airport. Stay calm and take the next necessary steps to recover your delayed baggage.

Report Your Missing Baggage:

The first thing you should do to find your missing baggage is to report at the airline counter. Look for the counter for your airline as soon as possible.

Share your travel details with the support team. The airlines will help you. Your early reporting helps the airline know there is a problem.

Modern airlines have electronic tracking systems. If you are lucky, you would get the details of your missing baggage.

Fill in The Form to Recover Your Missing Baggage:

The airlines would ask you to fill up a form. This is for the record of your travel details and about the missing baggage.

Usually, in case of delayed baggage, they may trace it faster. Yet, if they are unable to track your missing baggage right away, they ask for the details.

Don’t forget to get the file reference number on applying. Have your checked luggage receipt to help!

The details of the bag and the belongings in them helps them track your missing baggage faster.

Claim the Compensation for Delayed Baggage:

The airlines are liable to compensate for your missing baggage. Since you are on a trip, you need to manage without the belongings in your delayed baggage.

Know about the policies to claim better. The airlines cannot set a daily penalty. Here, insuring your baggage can play its vital role.

Take a glance at this video:

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You may need to buy the items stuck in the delayed baggage. So, there must be a reasonable value for this incidental expense.

Provide an Address to Ship Your Delayed Baggage:

Missing or Delayed Baggage - Airlines ship to your address
Airlines arrange to ship your delayed baggage
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Fill up the complete form for your claim. Don’t miss on any detail. Your temporary address is the key.

As the missing baggage arrives at the airport, the airline ships it to your current address. Oh wow! What a great relief! Isn’t it?


Missing baggage or delayed baggage on arrival may create great confusion. My intention is to educate you about how to tackle this situation.

Hope my article would help you get your missing luggage. At least, you find a ray of hope if you read this.

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