With the world on lockdown thanks to COVID-19, many landmarks are closed. Here are 6 virtual tours of London you can enjoy from your own home.

London Bridge Virtual Tour of London
A virtual tour of London is a great way to some of the finest tourist attractions.
Photo by Beth A. Freely Rauch.

When I was a child, I had the chance to live in England for about two years. I enjoyed visiting many of the places on this list in person. Back then, between ’79 and ’80, the Internet was only used by government organizations and IBM. If a pandemic like COVID-19 had hit the world then, London would have become a ghost town.

While the government shut many of the popular tourist spots down until the current pandemic passes, you can still enjoy many of these attractions from the comfort of your own home. Virtual tours and walkthroughs have become a way to experience these attractions. While you won’t get the same feeling of happiness I got seeing them in person, you’ll enjoy these 6 virtual tours almost as much.

The Tower of London is one of my favorite tourist attractions.
The Tower of London is one of my favorite tourist attractions.
Photo by Beth A. Freely Rauch.

Virtual Tour #1: Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of my favorite tourist attractions in London. I visited it many times while I was there and never tired of seeing the Crown Jewels. I also love the ravens that live there, and it is said if the ravens ever leave the Tower, England will fall. Head over to You Visit for an audio-guided tour.

Virtual Tour #2: Houses of Parliament

Situated on the River Thames, the Palace of Westminster is the home of Parliament, the seat of the UK government. History buffs will spend hours going through the Parliament website looking at the Prince’s Chamber, the Royal Gallery, and artwork that shows the history of British politics.

Virtual Tour #3: The Churchill War Rooms

Beneath Westminster, the Churchill War Rooms is one branch of the Imperial War Museum. It was here that Prime Minister Winston Churchill helped strategize the defense of the United Kingdom during World War II. Perfect for your favorite history buff and a great virtual tour of a place few know about.

Virtual Tour #4: #10 Downing Street

Office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister’s that came before him, #10 Downing Street is not open to the public. With the COVID-19 lockdown, this virtual tour is a must-see. It includes the cabinet room, the Pillared Room, the great staircase, and the Prime Minister’s office.

Home of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace's virtual tour is a must.
Home of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace’s virtual tour is a must.
Photo by Beth A. Freely Rauch.

Virtual Tour #5: Buckingham Palace

Home to Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace is probably one of the most recognizable tourist spots in London. With a virtual online tour through Royal.co.uk, you get to see the Throne Room, Blue Drawing Room, and White Drawing Room. The palace’s extensive art collection is also available for viewing. An enormous advantage of the virtual tour: The State Rooms are only open during the summer and the general public rarely gets to see the Throne Room.

Virtual Tour #6: Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court was the private home of King Henry VIII and his family. This virtual tour takes you through the Great Hall, the Great Watching Chamber, and the Tudor Kitchens. This baroque palace is a beautiful landmark, and if you ever get to see it in person, make sure you visit the Haunted Gallery. You might run into the ghost of Henry’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard.

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