You can never get bored in Karachi, Pakistan. It’s a place with open-hearted people who are ready to serve their visitors of the day. Let’s explore the 8 best food options to fill your belly while visiting Karachi!

Karachi offers many places for amazing food!
Photo by Lior Shapira on Unsplash
Karachi offers many places for amazing food!
Photo by Lior Shapira on Unsplash

Karachi, Pakistan is a cosmopolitan city where there is a hustle-bustle of everything. People are always in a rush to reach their destination. However busy the streets of Karachi are, one cannot ignore its welcoming vibes. I know Karachi, Pakistan for two key things, its sea and its Biryani. Biryani is an Indian dish made with rice, fish, meat or vegetable. Even within Pakistan, you cannot find Biryani, as amazing and as tasty as you can find in Karachi.

Biryani is not the only food Karachi is famous for. There are many other food places Karachi is renowned for. Let’s dig in the food options and tempt you to visit Karachi, Pakistan.

Famous Food Places in Karachi, Pakistan

1. Meerath Kabab House (MKH)

Nobody does bbq better than Karachi in Pakistan, and you cannot question it honestly. The MKH’s bbq’s tender meat is so amazingly enveloped in its taste that it just dissolves in your mouth and leaves its taste in it for like 2 minutes. Trust me if you can handle spice then partner it up with their spicy sauces and devour them.

2. Mazaidaar Haleem

Haleem is a stew famous in Central Asia and the Middle East the dish, however, varies from place to place and it includes meat, lentils and wheat or barley. Your trip to Karachi, Pakistan is incomplete if you do not visit Mazairdaar Haleem. Their menu is extensive, which includes other traditional cuisines. However, their haleem is to die for.

I mean, no kidding I have tried haleem from many places but their taste cannot match with Mazaidaar haleem’s taste.

3. Cocochan

Cocochan offers fine dining in this Karachi hot-spot. 
Photo by George Kedenburg III on Unsplash
Cocochan offers fine dining in this Karachi, Pakistan hot-spot.
Photo by George Kedenburg III on Unsplash

If you are looking for some fine dining place and want to take your elite guests for lunch, then Cocochan is your place to go too. Cocochan is a sushi hotspot in Karachi with the various other options, such as sashimi and dim sum. Their Pan Asian Cuisine is best in Karachi, with the perfect and welcoming ambience, I am sure your first visit will not be your last.

4. Farhan Biryani

As I stated at the beginning of the article, Karachi is the hub of Biryani; you cannot find Biryani better than Karachi biryani anywhere in the world. And if you are looking for best biryani in Karachi, then Farhan Biryani wins the race. They are the masters, their exquisite taste along with their raita (a sauce made with yoghurt and spices) is a treat to the taste buds.

5. Xander’s

If you are looking for some of the best restaurants in Clifton, Karachi then Xanders is the place you should be visiting. Its calming and hospital environment, along with its delicious taste, is the perfect place for a Sunday lunch out. Gather your friends in Xanders and order their Alfredo pasta to have the feeling of Italy in Pakistan.

6. Kolachi

Kolachi, one of the many food places Karachi is famous for.
Photo by FOODISM360 on Unsplash
Kolachi, one of the many food places Karachi, Pakistan is famous for.
Photo by FOODISM360 on Unsplash

I cannot stress enough how beautiful this Karachi, Pakistan place is. If you want to have an excellent dining experience right beside the sea, then Kolachi is the place to go to. It is the best restaurant in Karachi for couples and even for family. Their extensive menu consists of Traditional, Chinese and Italian cuisines, and they know how to do justice with each dish. Ahh! Now I can’t wait for this lockdown to end and hit this place to satisfy my pasta cravings here in Karachi.

7. Afghani Boti [Meat Balls]

The place where it is located is the Karachi’s entrance point. The primary residents of this area are Pakhtuns, and hence they have the most delicate afghan joints there. The streets are busy with the heavy trolleys and trucks; therefore, it stumbles on the cautionary side in the safety terms. The food there is to die for, if you have the energy to visit this place then make brace yourself, juicy Afghani boti along with the sauces await you in Karachi.

8. Alamgir Parathay [Flatbread]

If you are looking to have a typical Karachi breakfast, then Alamgir is the best place to have it. They are light on the pocket but heavy on the stomach. Because once you eat them with their small-sized parathas, you will not know how to stop. Such delicious food! Caffeine, along with some carbs, is the best start of the day in Karachi, Pakistan.


Karachi is the boss of all traditional cuisines, and the best part about this place is they have both cheapest and the most expensive places to eat. I am sure I have missed out on many fantastic food stops, but I cannot do this anymore until I get my hands on my favourite pasta. Until then, why don’t you just read the post and plan your next vacation to Karachi? I would love to show you around.

When do you think are you planning to have your next vacation to Karachi, Pakistan? Do these Karachi food options look tasty? Comment below to let us know.

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