Locations like Roswell, New Mexico, and Area 51 in Nevada are popular tourist sights for UFOs and aliens. Take a look at these Dark Sky places out West, too.

UFO sightings in the Dark Skies of the West. Decide for yourself. 
Photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash
UFO sightings in the Dark Skies of the West. Decide for yourself.
Photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash

While doing research on visiting Dark Sky locations for National Meteor Day, June 30, I realized that there is more to see in the Western night sky.

I was a skeptic of UFOs and strange night lights until I moved out West from West Michigan. Then I began to see strange things. I won’t call them UFOs. I will call them unexplainable lights. Anyhow, I thought if you are out West enjoying the stars and meteors, you may want to look for some strange lights as well. Here are a couple of UFO sighting locations.

San Luis Valley, Colorado

The San Luis Valley UFO Watchtower in Hooper, Colorado is a popular dark sky location for stargazing. It is also a hotspot for UFO activity. The watchtower gives historical details on past UFO sightings and the “how” they may have happened.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful location for high desert travel that brags of mountain sheep and elk. The town of Sedona is filled with art and artifacts. However, it also is a good place for UFO sightings. Miranda Leslie, a former alien abductee, will set you up for the twilight time of your life.

Lesser-known dark sky ufo sighting secrets:

A couple of less known places where “strange” things are seen are the Chocolate Mountains in California. These mountains include military installations that may or may not be active. Another place where some odd lights have been seen on a number of occasions is the dark skies of Kingman, Arizona. Kingman has a historical Area 66 UFO crash landing sight, as well.

Visit Arizona during the day and to enjoy the Dark Sky.
Visit Arizona during the day and at night to enjoy the Dark Sky.
Photo compliments of Carol M. Highsmith

Whether you are looking to Dark Skies for stargazing or for UFO sightings, these Western areas are bound to awe you. The stars, meteors, and planets are explainable. As far as UFO sightings in the dark skies, you be the judge.

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