We know Elysian Park for the famous Dodger’s Stadium. But the park’s history goes much further back than that. Read about its strange history.

View of LA from the Secret Swing in Elysian Park.
View of LA from the Secret Swing in Elysian Park.
Photo compliments of LifehacksLA

Elysian Park history

Elysian Park’s history is a cumulation of cultures, ethnicities, and geography. Once called Rock Quarry Hills, they changed the name upon dedication as a park in 1886. Chavez Ravine was a community of Mexican-Americans moved to build the park.

“Prior to the arrival of… Europeans, the Gabrielino-Tongva, and Chumash Native Americans inhabited the wilderness that would become the park. A Gabrielino settlement in the area was called Yang-na, the ‘poison oak place.’”

CCSEP Foundation

Today, we know Elysian Park for some of the oldest living trees in LA.

Elysian Park is the oldest park in LA., established in 1886. They named Elysian after a place where ancient Grecian heroes resided in paradise. According to Michigan Argus, January 15, 1864, there are ancient pyramids in California. Is there a chance there may be a pyramid under Elysian Park?

Things to see at Elysian Park

For the best view of LA, California, take a .3 mile hike to the Secret Swing. Google “Swing in Elysian Park” and enter it into your google map. Google takes you to the trailhead. Otherwise, park at Angels Point Drive, the trailhead, and a 5-minute uphill hike is right there.

Also, in Elysian Park, you will find what was once a naval armory, built over a Jewish cemetery. Today it houses the local police academy and fire department training facility. Elysian Park is the home to the Barlow Respiratory Hospital, originally built as a tuberculosis sanatorium.

Is there an ancient pyramid underneath Elysian Park?
Is there an ancient pyramid underneath Elysian Park?
Photo compliments of Ann Arbor District Library

Elysian Park’s claim to fame is, of course, the Dodger’s Stadium. But it contains over 600 acres of history, art, running paths, and architecture. Take the time to visit this hidden gem when you travel to LA.

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