Boston, Ohio is a quaint town with a very strange history. Is it good to visit the notorious Helltown or better to leave it? Here are some questions to make you think.

Is Helltown a good place to visit, or a good place to leave?
Is Helltown a good place to visit, or a good place to leave?
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Boston Township, Ohio has several things to do for the outdoor enthusiast including a  national park, ski resort, township parks, historical buildings, and hiking. Boston, Ohio, the town is interesting on its own terms. The town is in Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio, so there is access to it. However, upon arrival, very real trespassing warnings are posted. Why? Is the town of Boston, Ohio really a Helltown?

The History Behind Boston, Ohio’s Helltown

Historically, Boston, Ohio was founded by Alfred Walcott and a small group of New England followers. While Wolcott had the land surveyed in 1805, trades and deals took place over the next 6 years. In 1811, the township of Boston, Ohio was officially founded.

Since then, there is a real history of river trade and quarries until a flood wiped it out. There is another history, as well. Call it folklore, or urban legend, or fact. But the questionable history gave the ghost-town of Boston the nick-name Hell town, Ohio. The following are groups of plural questions that I would love to see answered about Helltown, Ohio.

Questions for Helltown, Ohio

Question 1: Were the residents of historical Boston, Ohio religious fanatics that made Satanic sacrifices? Did occult activity continue after they evacuated Helltown? Is there still occult activity in Helltown today?

Question 2: Was the wendigo creature of the Helltown forest real? If so, are the wendigo and Mothman of the Great Lakes areas the same creature? Did it kill animals and people in the forests of Helltown? Did the townspeople of Boston, Ohio really make sacrifices to suffice the creature?

Question 3: Are the cemetery, abandoned school bus, and slaughterhouse of Boston haunted? Was the church used for occult activity? What really happened to the children and teens that disappeared or were murdered?

Question 4: Was there really a military bunker beneath the town of Boston, Ohio? Why was it there? To establish a national park or to study (and perform scientific experiments on) the creature?

Question 5: Why was the town of Boston, Ohio evacuated? Was the chemical dump real or a coverup? Why was the government bunker abandoned? Why are people not allowed to traverse across the Helltown portion of the Cuyahoga National Park?

Helltown is not open to the public.
Helltown is not open to the public.
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I have not been to Boston, Ohio. Although I plan to visit Helltown, eventually. When I do, although I am not Catholic (I am Evangelical), I will probably bring some holy water, a rosary, and definitely wear my cross and bring my Bible!

Have you been to Helltown, Ohio? Do you have answers or opinions to these questions? If so, feel free to leave a comment.

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