We can find diverse natural territories in India. From a coast of over 9,000 kilometres to the Thar desert. The Himalayan Mountain range wears the shawl of snow in winter. So, there is a wide scope to enjoy colors of nature. In this article, we will discuss ideal destinations for tourists. We aim to get the most out of all 3 seasons in India.

Tourists can enjoy winter season visiting Himalayas
Himalayan Range During Winter
Image From: Pexels by thepoeticimagery

Let us begin with tourist spots best for summer season:

Hill Stations Are Ideal for Tourists in the Summer Season

The summer season in India from February to June is quite hot. The temperature rises to about 95 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in most regions. So, this is the ideal time for tourists to enjoy the cooler, hilly regions spread across various parts of the country.

Regions like the Himalayan range are good for tourists. The weather is cool in Nilgiris and Northwest India in this season.

Here are tourist spots ideal to visit during summer:

Darjeeling: This place has been famous for years. The city and surroundings are famous for tea farms. It is a part of eastern Himalayan range. So, it is pleasant during summer season. Tourists can engage in sightseeing and some adventure here.

Tourists can hire a motor-cycle to roam around. The toy train is also interesting for a joy ride with your loved ones. Go for trekking, camping, and rock climbing.

Ooty: This is a well known hill station in Nilgiris. It falls in southern state of Tamil Nadu. You can take a toy train from Mysore to reach here in a fun-filled manner.

You can visit parks, enjoy boating in the lake, have delicious food, and much more. This is a great place for tourists in summer season in all respects.

Places like Mahabaleshwar in West are also nice to visit. There are many places in South. Tourists love to visit Munnar, Periyar, Coorg, and Kodai in the summer season.

Great Pleasure for Tourists in Winter:

The weather remains pleasant in the winter season, from November to February. Here are the best places for tourists in Winter.

Goa: This is a small state along the western coast. The tourists from across the globe prefer to spend winter here.

You get sunny and sandy beaches, seafood, and much more.

You can find many tourists from the west here in Goa. Christmas season brings great fun. You will love the churches and the fantastic climate over here for sure.

Rajasthan: This state has the Thar desert. This was also the home for many Rajput dynasties. You can visit beautiful palaces and lakes. You will also find temples and monuments.

Tourists enjoy camel rides here. Don’t miss a desert safari this season. Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer are nice to visit. The heritage and festivity add value to your trips.

Tourists Like Waterfalls in the Monsoon Season

Tourists enjoy monsoon season in India visiting waterfalls
Spare Time in Monsoon for Roaring Waterfalls.
Image from: Pexels by Nandhu Kumar

The monsoon season between July to September is sometimes hard for tourists. Medium to heavy rain in many regions distracts your trips. Yet, many nature loving tourists like to enjoy the season.

The rivers flow full-fledged. So, in the hilly sections the waterfalls are awesome to watch!

Jog falls, Gokak falls, and Doodh Sagar are near the west coast of India. Lonawala and Khandala are famous too.

Tourists also plan camping trips in the monsoon season.

As enthusiastic tourists, plan your trips to India depending on the season. Select the right destinations to make your trips memorable.