Oatman, Arizona is a must-see while you travel Arizona. Come visit Oatman along old Route 66 and see why you love it or hate it.

Visit the ghost town of Oatman, Arizona.
Visit the ghost town of Oatman, Arizona.
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The Ghost Town

Oatman, Arizona is considered a ghost town, but ghosts are not what you will find there. What you will find are dusty roads filled with wild burros and the tourists who gather to see them. Additionally, the once-abandoned streets are now filled with tourist shops, treats, and historical spots and activities, including mines and Wild West shootouts.

Oatman is located in the Black Mountains of Arizona. Once upon a time, it was a mining town of tents. Local mines included gold, ($10 million worth in 1915). The burros that were once brought in by miners for packing supplies were turned loose. Today the descendants of those burros crowd the town road (yes, one road) waiting for treats. Be aware that the burros are wild and may bite and kick. Take care in approaching them. The burros, while problematic to the locals, are protected by the U.S. Department of Interior.

Oatman has become a tourist favorite with the revival of Route 66. While many love Oatman’s western façade and wild burros, I am personally not a fan of it. I prefer touring the open country and tourist traps and shopping isn’t my bag (pun intended). I will admit the burros are cute, though!

Old Route 66

Wild burros are among the celebrities of Oatman, Arizona.
Wild burros are among the celebrities of Oatman, Arizona.
Photo compliments of Pxfuel

For those who would prefer to see the countryside, Old Route 66 (Oatman Highway), which runs through Oatman, is one of the most beautiful highways in Arizona. When headed to Oatman via West Old Route 66, stop at Cool Springs Station museum and souvenir shop.

Between Cool Springs and Oatman, stop at Murals and Memorials near the Sitegreaves Pass overlook. While the overlook is perfect for taking beautiful landscape pictures, Murals and Memorials is just creepy enough to not- take pictures that is! While roaming the countryside, make sure you avoid the orange fungus. It is highly transferable and difficult to get rid of.

Old Route 66 stretches the span of almost 2,500 miles from the West to the Midwest. The die-hard biker or RVer is bound to want to take a shot of at least a portion of this route. In my opinion, Arizona has the most interesting towns along Route 66!

Whether you are a tourist, shopper, or historian- young or old. Route 66 and Oatman, Arizona have something to do for every vacationer. Take a trip down Route 66 and visit Oatman, Arizona!