People often raise their eyebrows when they hear about a female who travels solo.  Often launching into a safety monologue. Are their concerns justified?

Solo Female Traveler
Solo Female Traveler in Morocco
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

“The consul would like to know will you be traveling by yourself to Morocco?”, the voice of the embassy employee interrupted my daydreaming in the waiting room.

“Yes”, I replied.

She gave me a concerned look and continued ,“Are you sure about it?”.

I smiled, “I’m sure I will be fine.”

Her questions caught me by surprise. I never thought that the consul would question the safety of female tourists, especially since Morocco was a popular country. I felt completely confident about traveling on my own, although it was my first solo trip to a non-Western country. 

I did my research long before booking my ticket and applying for the Moroccan visa. Nothing indicated that a solo female tourist would be exposed to any risk in this country.

As soon as I got my passport the pre-trip excitement took over. I have dreamed about Morocco, the narrow streets of Fes and colorful architecture for so long.

Finally in Morocco

The taxi driver dropped me off in front of the gate of the old city of Fes, surrounded by the walls. The area inside was not meant for vehicles, so I had to walk to my hostel. 

The old city seemed like a busy market with countless restaurants and small open-air groceries shops. As I was walking through the crowd, I noticed that locals completely ignored female tourists, including me and my big backpack. This instantly made me more comfortable.

The Leather Tanneries of Fes, Morocco
The Leather Tanneries of Fes, Morocco 
Image by Laura Montagnani from Pixabay

The hostel was decorated in Moroccan style, however, the atmosphere was completely international. Nobody from its staff or guests bothered to comment on my solo trip around Morocco. According to the unwritten codex of the backpacking community, all travelers had a duty to share their tips and experience. Thus, I took their silence as a positive sign.

Solo Stroll Around the Streets of Fes

Planning travel outfits is not something I usually do. However, for this trip I made sure to pack loose clothes, which was covering my knees and shoulders. This dress code applies to both females and males in Morocco. Most tourists dress modestly, especially females, who thus avoid unwanted attention from locals. I followed this tip to ensure that my solo Moroccan adventure goes smoothly.

The old town market turned out to be a great place to meet locals. The conversation would start with them trying to sell me something. Then they would ask about my Moroccan travel route, my home country, and other typical questions that locals ask tourists. 

During our interactions, the locals were always polite, friendly and respectful. I was not treated better or worse because I was a female. Also, they would give me tips about the most interesting parts of Fes and Morocco, known to only insiders. Occasionally I would get looks from men, mostly younger ones. However, their attention was nothing excessive and nobody ever approached me.

Continuing My Solo Travel Around Morocco

After two days of Fes I decided to continue my solo adventure in the Moroccan desert. You could read about that in my article My Experience with the Sahara Desert Tour in Morocco.

My entire solo travel around Morocco was pleasant and exciting. Wherever I went I was welcomed with hospitality and kindness. Not even for a second I felt uncomfortable nor I regretted traveling alone.

Solo Female Traveler
Solo Globetrotter
Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay 

Almost every city around the world has safety issues. However, this does not stop people from going out. There is no reason for females to avoid solo trips just because of the fear. Of course, they should be careful about the time of the day and where they walk, but male travelers are also cautious about this.