Why does cheese pair so well with wine? To stay home and throw a party, of course!

National Cheese and Wine Day is July 25.
National Cheese and Wine Day is July 25.
Photo compliments of Jordan Johnson

National Cheese and Wine Day on July 25 is the perfect opportunity to stay home and celebrate summer by yourself, or with friends and family. So, you’re going to throw a party?

Party Tips

Enhance your experience by following these tips:

  • Set your party time for late afternoon or after dinner. Guests will not expect to eat a meal. They will expect hors d’oeuvres and wine.
  • Have the appropriate glasses for reds, whites, and bubbles. If you are on a budget, a conservative wine and cheese party should cost about $10 per person, not including the wine glasses.
  • Have a final guest list. For each guest, you will need approximately 8 ounces of cheese and half a bottle of wine. However, pair your wines and cheeses accordingly. Approximate that each attendee will try five different kinds of cheese, so have a minimum of five paired wines.

Pairing Tips

According to a recent cheese and wine study, the following paired items are recommended:

  • Feta cheese and sparkling wine
  • Soft-ripened, cow’s milk, triple cream cheese with oaked, cool-climate Chardonnay
  • Semi-soft, aged cow’s milk cheese with Pinot Noir
  • Firm, Italian-style cheese with full-bodied Meritage red (Bordeaux-style blend
  • Soft-ripened, aged goat’s milk with ash and Vidal ice wine

For new cheese and wine fans, take the time to learn how to pair and assess the pairing. Have pencils and notepads. The following chart is an example of how to simply assess your pairings.

This chart is a simple example of how to assess a cheese and wine pairing.
Photo compliments of Robert J. Harrington, Michelle McCarthy & Mario Gozzi

If your staycation is home alone on National Cheese and Wine Day, kick up your feet and sample away!
If your staycation is home alone on National Cheese and Wine Day, kick up your feet and sample away!
Photo compliments of PickPik

In addition to the cheese and wine, you can add hors d’oeuvres, dried fruit, berries and grapes. Chocolates are a favorite at wine tasting parties. My personal favorite is to freeze the grapes or cherries and float them in the wine! Charcuterie boards are very trending for parties, as well.

Don’t get drunk at a wine tasting party. Cheese and wine tasting is classy. Getting drunk is not! It’s okay to get tipsy. I suppose it’s to be expected, but don’t lose your ability to discern between the wines.

Whether you are a party of 2 or a party of 6 (Covid-19 allowing) enjoy some cheese with your wine on July 25. If you are a party of one, kick up your feet with some samples, just remember to record the pairings you love! Remember, if you drink, don’t drive!