Not far from Madison, Wisconsin is an artist, historian, and architect’s dream. Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal home at Taliesin. 

Taliesin, the home of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, Taliesin.
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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and visitor center

Frank Lloyd Wright’s (1867-1959) personal home, Taliesin, is in Spring Green Wisconsin. The Taliesin estate is 800 acres and includes home, farm and countryside, gardens, a school, and a studio. Taliesin touts 37,000 square feet of Wright’s ever-evolving home. While he lived, it was in constant construction, now it is in constant renovation and preservation.

Upon arriving at Taliesin, I checked in at the visitor center. The center looks like a piece of architecture straight out of a Frank Lloyd Wright book. While waiting for the tour of Taliesin to start my fiancé and I browsed the gift shop. The gift shop is a place to spend some time. They fill it with books, art, architecture, and gifts.

A tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin

A shuttle takes small groups (now smaller because of Covid-19) to Taliesin, Wright’s home. We spend two hours at the home perusing gardens, touring Taliesin, and learning the history of Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and personal life; none of which I am going to give away now.

The tour of Taliesin and the gardens takes all of two hours. After the tour, a shuttle returned us to the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center. We then returned to the gift shop and made our purchases. After the gift shop, we visited the café and enjoyed a cheese and flatbread dish. A note on the café. It is good for a snack, to hold you over until you return to town for a meal. It is still worthwhile. The food is good, and the prices are fair.

Upon visiting Taliesin

For those who are visiting just because you are passing through, spend some time reading up on the history of Frank Lloyd Wright before you go. For fans of Wright’s work, a brush-up wouldn’t hurt.

Upon first buying the tickets for Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal home, I thought the tickets were expensive. Now that I have visited, I plan to return and spend twice the amount on the estate tour. Another tour of the full estate is available. It is a four-hour tour, and I wish there had been openings. It was sold out.

Frank Lloyd Wright was the owner and architect of Taliesin.
Frank Lloyd Wright was the owner and architect of Taliesin.
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Due to Covid-19 regulations, the Taliesin tour groups are smaller. Tickets may sell out faster. They require a face mask. Do bring a camera. Don’t bring a selfie-stick. We highly recommend bug spray and sunblock.

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