History Edition! Travel Aroono explored England, the Founding Fathers, and the Civil Rights Movement this week. Ranging from social distancing to in person, we had amazing articles for history lovers.

Don't forget: You don't always have to be there to take a tour!
Photo by Janis Oppliger on Unsplash
Don’t forget: You don’t always have to be there to take a tour!
Photo by Janis Oppliger on Unsplash

The world is finally starting to open up for travel again and we cannot be more excited about it! While we understand the importance of social distancing, we can still enjoy some sites and experiences complying with all the CDC Guidelines. Since international travel still hasn’t gotten back in the full swing yet, we highlight a bit of history in the United States!

6 Virtual Tours Of London You Can Enjoy From Home

Dad History - London Virtual Tours

While this article isn’t about the United States, it is a way for you to still ‘travel’ internationally. Enjoy the history of London from the comfort of your own home! Beth Rauch has experienced amazing places in England and has compiled the best list of virtual tours in London. So sit back, make yourself a cup of PG Tips and enjoy these virtual tours in historical London.

Walk With The Founding Father’s This Father’s Day

Dad History - Founding Father

Father’s Day is only one week away! I like to be early with my gifts and plan things out, but more than ever people are buying experiences instead of gifts. Nothing better than some dad history. Emily Dalamangas has done the research for you and has compiled a list of things to do and see regarding the Founding Fathers of the United States. Just try your best not to burst out in Hamilton or 1776 lyrics while taking your revolutionary time with dad.

8 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Sites to Visit

Dad History - Civil Rights

Civil Rights have been an international conversation for the last two weeks. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s in the United States has not only shaped but inspired some of the many events and demonstrations we see today. Ally Kutz has laid out a list of 8 sites dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These sites involve his earliest beginnings at seminary to the very place he lost his life and are important history for us all to know.

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