Happy Father’s Day to those stateside, and happy International Yoga Day to everyone else! Our highlights of the week are all on the amazing holidays Travel Aroono has covered.

Top 3 Travel Articles of the Week: June 21st
Photo by Nori Webb on Unsplash
Photo by Nori Webb on Unsplash

We explored a number of holidays this week, and we have even more coming up for the end of the month! It was an important week for holidays as we all scramble and try to figure out what to do for the dads in our life. There’s only so many ties and socks you can buy someone before it becomes redundant. Our wonderful authors have give you not only historical options to celebrate Juneteenth, but also exciting, fun ideas for Father’s Day!

Juneteenth: 5 Places Honoring the End of Slavery

Ally Kutz - Juneteenth

If there is one thing we know about history, then it is that not all of it is comfortable. Despite how uneasy the subject of slavery can be, it is necessary. Ally Kutz found monuments, houses, and museums dedicated to the end of slavery in celebration of Juneteenth. To learn more about Juneteenth, the end of slavery in the United States, and locations to learn more this article is the place to go.

4 Father’s Day Activities in Central Arizona

Caitlyn Kithcart - Father's Day Arizona Travel

I am an East Coast girl. This article by Caitlyn Kithcart though has inspired a bit of wanderlust in me. From hot air balloons, to rafting, to booze, this article has something for the pickiest of dads. More and more gifts are not material items and more the experience. She lays out prices and tips that you will not find anywhere else. Even if the gift for dad has passed, I am certain you will enjoy something Arizona has to offer.

5 Best Day Trip Ideas For Father’s Day

Shridar Vatharkar - Father's Day Activities Travel

Since today is Father’s Day, I found it appropriate to include this article by Shridhar Vatharkar. He reminds us how much our fathers struggled and worked to raise us. Jungle safaris, fishing trips, beaches, and the underated man-spa are all fabulous ideas to treat your loved one. Personally, for my husband, he would enjoy the Virginia Safari Park – perhaps because of our own memories there!

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