Here at Travel Aroono, we give you a variety of tips, tricks, and ideas to make the most of your adventures! This week, we’re focusing on our top tips of the week!

Travel Tips
Photo by Precondo CA on Unsplash

We all love travelling here at Aroono! There are so many experiences, activities, foods, and sights to see. With all the excitement and fun, it is easy to become overwhelmed or stressed. I have pulled together our best tip articles of the week and showcase them to make your time while traveling easier.

4 Ways to Slow it Down in a Busy City

Looking after yourself while traveling is so important, particularly in the whirl of city life. - Alexandra Grinde

Alexandra Grinde is one of the newest writers for our Travel Aroono team! In this article, she not only gives great ideas on how to slow down in a city, but also why it is important for us to do that. Whether you are traveling into the city or live in downtown Manhattan, this article is for you. Do not forget to take care of yourself and practice proper self care.

5 Things You Must Avoid In Check-in Luggage

Avoid packing any irreplaceable things in your check-in bag while flying. - Shridhar Vatharkar

 Have you ever flown and got your checked bag squished? In my case, I got mine soaked all the way through. Still uncertain how that happened on a sunny day. The worst part was I made the mistake of packing my medical record in a front pocket and it was completely ruined. If I read Shridhar Vatharkar‘s article on check-in luggage, then I am certain I would not have made that mistake. These tips and tricks on how to protect valuables you must check-in and what to avoid checking altogether are a must read for any traveler!

5 Tips for Taking Picture Perfect Vacation Photos

Taking photos on vacation is the best way to capture memories. - Emily Dalamangas

Photos are a way of capturing memories, and they are far more reliable than memory. Emily Dalamangas discusses the importance of understanding local customs and knowing what is appropriate for photos and what is not. She gives you tips on taking photos of landmarks, wildlife, food, and your friends! While suggesting the best places to utilize those tips, she also encourages you to try something new and fun!

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