COVID-19 is still a lingering threat. Travel Aroono has been working hard to help you cope with the anxieties of travel. From car to airplane down to the hotel room, we are here to help!

Travel Tips to get through COVID 19 with less anxiety.
Enjoy the window seat when you can.
Photo By Sarah R. Peets

This week we explored the United States in our articles and gave you a plethora of tips and tricks! There are few things as exciting as starting a new adventure. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all the information we need. So for our highlights of the week, let’s just focus on the tips of the week to make your explorations smoother.

8 Things To Make Sleeping on a Plane Easier

No truer words have been spoken. Insomniacs and heavy-sleepers alike can have a hard time falling asleep on the plane. With the extra anxieties we now have floating in our heads, it can be even more difficult. Ally Kutz gives you a quick list of items you need to maximize your nap. Instead of panicking at the last minute, make sure you have these available in your carry-on bag. Above all, do not forget an empty bottle for water!

Traveling With Your Pet: Going On A Road Trip

Road trips big and small are challenging when you have your four-legged family joining. Whether you are travelling from coast-to-coast or an hour to grandma’s, it is important to make sure you are well prepared. Beth Rauch explains the importance of safety and comfort for your pet. Car trips are exciting for animals and sometimes that excitement appears as anxiety. You know your pet best. Trust yourself and check out ways to help!

 Tips to Make Your Hotel Room Germ Free

Whether or not we wanted to be, we are all hyper-aware of germs nowadays. The 2019 novel coronavirus will be back around in the fall. Get in a good habit early! Proper hygiene habits can start being implemented now to transition easier. Hotels have hundreds of people checking in and out throughout the day. Emily Dalamangas is aware and goes deeper than the obvious hand washing. From skipping out on housekeeping to an interest hack with a shower cap, this is not an article you want to miss.

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