Travel to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to vacation at home away from home.

The Upper Peninsula, Michigan is a vast and beautiful wilderness. Waterfalls, mountains, and open prairies are garnered by the Great Lakes.
The Upper Peninsula, Michigan is a vast and beautiful wilderness. Travel the waterfalls, mountains, and open prairies garnered by the Great Lakes.
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It wasn’t until I owned vacation property in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan that I learned some important things. Everyone below the Mackinac Bridge are trolls to the Yoopers. The Yoopers are everyone who lives above the Mackinac Bridge in the Upper Peninsula. So, while we Trolls travel to the Upper Peninsula, we may gain an understanding of why Yoopers want to stay there.

What is there to do in the Upper Peninsula?


Michigan State parks cover Northern Michigan. Many of these parks, besides hundreds of miles of shoreline, tout 300 waterfalls. The falls are best to visit in the winter and spring. All the falls include a small walk to a hike. In the winter try ice climbing at Munising or Miners Falls.

in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan at Pictured Rocks.
Waterfall at Pictured Rocks
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Birding is popular mid-spring and early fall. The Upper Peninsula in Michigan is an annual host to migrating birds of every sort. Bird watchers experience over 400 different species. These species include songbirds, birds of prey, and shore and water birds. Birding in the UP is an opportunity to share family events, meet other birders, and attend classes and guided walks.


Inclusive in waterfalls and birding in the Upper Peninsula is hiking. Hiking is necessary for many of the above activities. However, look for locations that have walkways and handicap accessories. When hiking, wear appropriate shoes, bring bug spray, wear sunblock, and drink plenty of water. Don’t despair if you want to go birding or see the falls. Many of the hikes are simple walks in the park!

Mountain biking

For the not so faint of heart, there are numerous mountain biking trails in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Naturally, mountain biking often includes hiking and camping.

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